Don’t mess with Albert Pujols!

He will destroy you. In less than 1/3 of an inning last night against the Padres he broke a pitcher’s nose and took out their catcher! Too bad “kills” aren’t a category in fantasy baseball.


16 thoughts on “Don’t mess with Albert Pujols!

  1. I have a buddy who pitches for the A’s organization who got hit the head off a line drive just like that one. He was messed up fro a while. Who says that baseball is not dangerous?

    In a side note my buddy who pitches went to high school with Albert. He help teach him english.

  2. Dude, I have to ask.

    Did you intentionally butcher the English language in that last sentence, or was it purely coincidental? 😆

    Oh, and any chance your buddy is Andrew Brown?

  3. Seemingly everybody knows Andrew Brown. You’re the third person in my fantasy league who does. That’s why I wondered if Billy did too given that the common thread is baseball fans who are Christians.

    I’m thinking C&MA ties to Ohio is your connection Tim?

  4. Of course it’s C&MA ties, but to Florida. My in-laws and the Browns go to the same little Alliance church in Deltona. His sister was the youth director there for years. Andrew almost lived with us when he got traded to Akron (Indians affiliate).
    Oh, I was also an assistant baseball coach at Trinity Christian in Deltona two years after he graduated and he’d pop in. I still had the stat book from his senior year until recently. I thought his parents should have it so I sent it back with my brother-in-law when he went home.

  5. The Florida connection makes sense because the other two who know him are John Keane and Scott Brown (Scotty2Hotty), who worked at a youth camp with Andrew while they were in college.

  6. If “kills” were a part of Fantasy Baseball…then I’d get some serious points….he’s on my team!

  7. that’s why he’s my favorite non-sox player 🙂 the cards are my NL team anyways. it makes me sad that rolen, edmonds & lil’ eckstein are all gone. STL just don’t seem the same.

  8. Mystery to me. It was on there this morning when I made the post. I’m sure if you search hard enough it’s out there somewhere.

    UPDATE: A quick search of YouTube reveals that the Nazi’s over at MLB have yanked it. You might be SOL.

  9. Thanks Brownie. But all I could take from that was … Wally Joyner?

    The last time I saw that dude was on a 1991 Topps Stadium Club card.

    He has a career in baseball? It totally is an “Ol’ Boys” club. Isn’t it?

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