Caption This:


14 thoughts on “Caption This:

  1. I don’t think it was Photoshoped. She visited Mt. Rushmore today. I took it from the Drudge Report’s main page. More likely it’s “well framed.”

    (And methinks people aren’t exactly getting the point of “Caption This” ) 😆

  2. “hillary haunts hallowed headstone”

    “termagant tarnishes tribute to tutelaries”

    “clinton craps on commanders”

  3. shane, i saw the other photos with this shot, where it was panned out (showing more frame) so i know it’s not totally fake. but, what throws me is that weird … smudge/smiley under Roosevelt’s chin. … see it? then, under that, near the trees, it looks like the image has been smudged or something circular there.

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