Let’s talk NBA Playoffs

I’m in a sports talkin’ mood today. So let’s start with the NBA Playoffs. Specifically the Eastern Conference Finals.

I can’t figure out the Celtics in this series. After losing Game 2 at home I was worried that they might be in some serious trouble heading to Detroit for Games 3 and 4. They took care of business on the road (for once) in Game 3 but must’ve missed the bus for Game 4 because they failed to even show up in the second half.

I have a feeling they’re going to need some Paul Pierce heroics tonight – ala Game 7 against Cleveland – to get some momentum back.


19 thoughts on “Let’s talk NBA Playoffs

  1. dude, lakers/celtics would be apocolypticaly good! it would have global appeal…and usher in the second coming.

  2. ha ha.

    you know, i’m about as “non” hockey as it gets…but i’ll admit, crosby makes me want to watch…in addition, i no longer take my sportscenter bathroom break during hockey highlights (assuming that said highlights include the penguins).

  3. Nice to see Pierce step up and provide some leadership:

    Before the Celtics broke their huddle following a film session and light practice Tuesday, Pierce was blunt with his teammates. He told them they needed to play as if it were the last game of their careers because none of them know whether they’ll have this opportunity again.

    “There are three games left in this series, and it has been six years since I’ve been to the Eastern Conference finals and it’s my second time in 10 years,” said Pierce. “This opportunity isn’t guaranteed. A lot of players don’t even make it that far, so it’s a tremendous opportunity, and I want these guys to realize that.”

  4. as a life long celtics fan, let me say one thing.

    i’d prefer for the pistons to beat the celtics then have the celtics beat them just to lose to LA. i might jump if that happens. why?

    the lakers franchise will be only ONE championship from tying the celtics record 16 nba titles. AND phil jackson will eclipse red auerbach’s 9 coaching titles. he’s already tied with him! that’s sports blasphemy! that’d be like bill laimbeer having won sportsman of the year. for reals.

    DIE LA DIE!!!

  5. and i hate the pistons, too. so, yeah, i basically hate the lakers almost as much as the skankees 😉

    but like the penguins, i think that the c’s (if they don’t win it all) will next season – barring any post-season injuries. they’re learning how to play playoff basketball right now. they’re going up against a very experienced pistons team, and i think they might actually be able to take LA, b/c they didn’t have much trouble with the west all year (then again, they also had the best road record, and yeah…1 road win in the playoffs). i dunno. i just want san antonio to take some more out of LA. send ’em to the finals beat up. stupid lakers.

  6. That’s great that they’re learning to play playoff basketball and all – but the “big 3” are also getting older by the minute. There needs to be a sense of urgency here for the Celtics. Hopefully Pierce can bring that.

  7. it’s weird, I hear this is a great year for the NBA playoffs, and I can recognize it, but since AI got traded I’m still bitter – I didn’t want to see the Sixers win.

    Ironically, in terms of any player in the NBA I have grown to love Kobe, go figure – I guess it’s come full circle…

    BTW, steven… Tim Duncan still sucks

  8. they’re old, i know. but it’s not as though they’ll all be in wheelchairs next season. the bench is young, rondo is young, those guys need more experience and the big 3 need more time in playoff games together to get it right, it seems. don’t get me wrong, i want them to win right here, right now. but if they don’t, i don’t see why they won’t do it next year.

  9. i’m watching the cup game, b/c it’s a rare treat!!! c’s during commericals & in between periods. perkins is a “fully growed up man!” damn avery johnson sounds funny. my hope is that this series -v- detroit will have taught the c’s enough to beat LA.

    and i’ve still got my pierce jersey from 2000. it’s a bit faded 🙂

  10. tim duncan doesn’t suck (unfortunately).

    celtics vs lakers and the world stops spinning on it’s axis for 1.5 weeks.


    celtics in 6 over pistons

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