Let’s talk Stanley Cup Finals

Seriously, would somebody please let Sidney Crosby and the rest of the Pittsburgh Penguins know they are in the Stanley-freaking-Cup Finals? You gotta score goals to win fellas. Losing Games 1 and 2 by a combined score of 7-0 ain’t exactly getting it done.

And Sid. Sid! Seriously man, it isn’t just Penguins fans who are relying on you to get your fanny in gear. It’s the entire NHL! You do know that they market you as the second coming right? You do know that the league still hasn’t recovered from the lock out right? (I mean, Games 1& 2 were on Vs. for crying out loud!)

Find the net already!


32 thoughts on “Let’s talk Stanley Cup Finals

  1. If you listened to the way the Pens were whining about the obstruction (no) calls, you’d think they were a high school team. Then they went head-hunting out of desperation at the end of Game 2.

    I’m not seeing leadership from anyone on the Pens bench. Not their coach, not “The Kid,” nobody.

    Game 3 is on NBC tonight. The Pens had better make a game of it or I think the NHL can kiss any marginal waning interest that still exists in the mind of the casual sports fan good bye.

  2. Don’t mind Russ he hates games of skill. I think it’s to hard for him to follow.

    You know I was really hoping for a good series but it is looking like the Pen’s were seriously overrated! I mean I know the East is soft but talk about over hype.

  3. The Pens are better than they’re playing. Their goal tending has been much better all season long. And they typically have a nose for the net. I honestly don’t know what’s going on.

    If they can even the series in Pittsburgh they might have a snowball’s chance.

  4. hmph. no one cares when i talk hockey! oh wait…that’s kind of a trend 🙂

    i picked these two to be in the finals, and i thought pittsburg would show up. they’re inexperienced, though – like my celtics. they need to go through this, and trust me, they’ll be in it for years. i’m picking them again next year, barring any big changes. malkin is very underrated. everyone focused on sid, but malkin is my pick for nhl mvp. he kept the penguins in it during sid’s injury. this is a solid team, they’re young and they’ll be back next season.


  5. and i’m 100% with you on the vs. thing. the nhl head honchos seriously need to sit down with the nfl big wigs and learn how to MARKET properly. the nhl is being run by morons. i mean, this isn’t soccer, a lot of american sports fans, especially up north here, like or love hockey. but they can’t watch it! or, they only get their local teams like here in new england on NESN. it’s depressing. it’s my favorite sport and i feel like i’m completely missing out and it pisses me off!!!

  6. I will only admit that if they lose tonight…

    Yeah, this post-season run has been pretty (dare I say) “magical”… it feels like the bottom fell out. Oh well, I just think back to beating the Flyers 6-0 to close that out, I’m just afraid we’re becoming them.

  7. I’m not sure which I’d prefer.

    The last two seasons I’ve had my heart ripped out by the Sabres in the conference finals.

    But I’d almost rather have to live with that than my team flaming in the Finals.

  8. You say this as if you didn’t expect the Red Wings to blow right through them. Please see my post from the beginning of the Playoffs – I believe that is exactly what I predicted.

  9. mls on espn…and wbna, too! that’s exactly part of my point. the nhl thought, b/c the league is run by morons, that it would better to be the top dog on a small network – that many people like me – don’t get, rather than being “lost in the shuffle” of espn or espn2. nonsense. to reiterate, they need to learn from the nfl. the greatest game on earth should be available in every home!!!

    btw, i’m suprised you didn’t mention your curse on pennsylvania 🙂

  10. Great game so far. Very physical. Pens got lucky on that play where the goal came loose – don’t want to give up a power play goal.

    They look MUCH better tonight.

  11. So while watching the Pistons/Celtics last night I remembered that the Wings could clench. I flipped it on w/ about 8 minutes to go in the third and I couldn’t stop watching until the horn sounded.

    Good stuff.

  12. When hockey is played like that, it’s absolutely fantastic! That’s what makes the Stanley Cup playoffs so great!

    Of course, when the first two games of a series are 4-0 and 3-0 – watching hockey can be a drag.

    Glad you dug it.

  13. The end of the game was really fun last night although I would have prefered a red win I will have to settle for a good watch.

  14. I saw that and was crazy excited. Then I kept falling asleep during the overtime period. My wife made us go to bed. I’m glad she did. I mean, don’t get me wrong, triple OT is awesome. But who has the stamina to watch that late?

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