Apple Goes Solar?

As if I needed another reason to make the switch to Apple with my next computer purchase.

According to, Apple has filed a patent to place solar cells in portable devices such as the iPhone, iPod and even their Powerbook laptop computers. This would virtually eliminate the need to charge devices by conventional methods such as outlets and USB cables as these devices would be able to constantly charge themselves through the use of solar energy!

File under: Brilliant Ideas that Should Have Been Obvious


7 thoughts on “Apple Goes Solar?

  1. sounds great cost is what? last time I checked solar panels were very very expensive and as a good baby seal clubber I wont pay a ton extra to be “green” for show.

    Fun Harrison Ford fact!!!!

    saw this on a show had to share this seemed like a good spot. 15 bucks is pretty easy to afford and some of the facts about saving such a forest add up to a big deal.

    Hope you dont mind the link in there Shane

  2. it’s tough…i mean, i don’t want to become one of those “mac people”. they think they’re sooooo cool with there superior computers!!!

    p.s. you know, josiah’s yanks shirt looks like a red sox shirt until you click on it and see the bigger version.

  3. Solar powered that is very cool.

    I know that One Lap Top One Child already makes a laptop that runs on crank and/or solar power.

    Gee, now I know what I want for my hurricane kit.

  4. cool blog!!! I like this one and . I love all the solar issues. Keep up the great work our planet deserves it. It’s been great to us and let’s be great to it. It’s everybodies duty to chip in and help mother earth. Alternitive energy is the least we can.

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