Get your Saranac while you still can!

Upstae New York beer drinkers who enjoy the Saranac line may want to stockpile their favorites while they still can. The Matt Brewing Company brewery in Utica – makers of the Saranac line and their much nastier tasting older brother Utica Club – burned down yesterday.

Interesting side note. Utica Club, or “Uncle Charlie” as it’s affectionately known locally, was the first beer sold legally following prohibition. So we lost a little bit of beer history in the fire as well.

The company says they will continue production at another brewery while they rebuild. But I imagine there will be a sharp dropoff in supply in the short term. So get your Saranac while it’s hot! (Pardon the pun.)


5 thoughts on “Get your Saranac while you still can!

  1. i see in the pic they make a black & tan. interesting, i’ve never seen a pre-made bottled b&t before.

    p.s. love the johnny cash link you got in elsewhere 🙂


  2. the christianity today link over on your “elsewhere” to the left, with obama stuff, etc. have you been in the saranac?!?!

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