We’re gonna party like it’s 1987!


9 thoughts on “We’re gonna party like it’s 1987!

  1. Yeah, I’m not really even a basketball fan, but I’ll be tuning in for this… It’s LA vs Boston… you have to watch with history like that.

  2. i was encouraged by that game 6 performance from boston, the way they came back after an awful 3rd quarter. my favorite part was how excited pierce & doc were, and right beside them garnett is saying “it’s not done yet”. he’s all business. let’s do the damn thing! DIE LA DIE!

  3. For the record … I AM A CELTICS FAN!!!

    (Personal confession. Dad and mom, I’m sorry.)

    I can distinctly remember being in my room, somewhere around age 8, playing my transistor mad low. Just low enough where I could hear it, but you couldn’t outside my room. All I have to say is “Bird fiddles and diddles.” Those who know, know this.)

    Johnny Most. RIP.

  4. I am excited about the series and I hope the Lakers can even it up and make it interesting. I grew up a Lakers fan and Magic was my favorite player. It is cool to see these 2 teams back in the finals.

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