The hick from French Lick

In the spirit of the NBA Finals.


6 thoughts on “The hick from French Lick

  1. amazing.

    though i still think it’s not right for you to be a yanks AND celts fan. well, i suppose it’s better than being a yanks & lakers fan. right jack nicholson? oh!

  2. I always get questions about my sports loyalties. By most accounts I should be a Bills, Yankees, Knicks and Sabres fan. In reality I’m a Dolphins, Yankees, Celtics, Sabres fan.

    I think it all comes down to the year 1986. I was 10, and I think that’s when I first started to form my own sports loyalties. And in 1986 you had Don Mattingly, Larry Bird and Dan Marino all the top of their games.

  3. knicks. i understand very much you not wanting a thing to do with that! no, as i’ve said before, it’s not a ny-boston thing, it’s a yanks & celts being the greatest franchises in each sport! that’s just plain selfish mister! 🙂

    i get it with the pats, b/c i’m a bears fan (superbowl XX!). i’ve been a pats fan, too, since i was a kid, but i think i might be losing that in the light of all this sickening stuff that’s been coming out. hmph.

  4. If there exists out there somewhere some dude who is a fan of the Yankees, Celtics, Cowbows/49ers/Steelers, and the Detroit Red Wings – he should be shot on sight.

  5. no no no, not the wings. the canadiens!!! they have 24 stanley cups!!! and i’d say the cowboys for football. they’re the most popular.

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