Strark raving mad!

So this video has been shown all over the place since Saturday. But it’s just too darn entertaining to pass up!

Racist? Crazy? A crazy racist? Either way … wow!


10 thoughts on “Strark raving mad!

  1. For the record. Barack Obama declared his candidacy before Hillary Clinton. So gramma Harriett’s accusation that he only ran because Hillary is a white woman are … well … not exactly grounded in reality.

    Apparently typical white women think black men are inadequate. 😆

  2. you know, whenever i hear a middle to upper class “white” person talk about being “picked on” i get really annoyed. be a poor “black” dude for a week and get back to me. well, be a poor any color person and get back to me! 2nd class citizen my arse.

    this isn’t the GOP giving mccain the heave-ho to put their puppet head in as candidate in 2000, this is the american people registered as democrats choosing who they want to be president.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama not only ends up with the 2118 he needs to clinch the nomination today, but ultimately the 2209 he would have needed if Florida and Michigan were seated with full votes. There are still about 170 superdelegates who haven’t sounded off, even if he split them with Hillary he’d be pretty darn close to 2209.

    My point?

    When it’s all said and done, Michigan and Florida will both be a mute point. So there’s no real “injustice” as he won this thing flat out, fair and square.

    Three months ago.

    (Now I get why Romney dropped out so early in the name of party unity!)

    As far as Ms. Christian having once been a “second class citizen.” She could be right you know. She’s old enough to have rubbed elbows with Susan B. Anthony herself! 😆

  4. you make a good point about romney. the GOP has the party unity thing down pat. the only real rift in the party is between the liberatarian minded and the old religious right remnant (whereas he dems have the union people, the old liberal guard, the progressives & young leftist people – WHO SHOULD BE VOTING NADER!, etc.). but, when it comes down to it, they get together. that’s why bush was re-elected. most people i know voted for kerry, but NONE of them actually liked him. at least this year there’ll be plenty of people who actually like or believe in the person they vote for, instead of voting for them b/c of who they’re running against. but yeah, unity wins. that’s why i think her last statement, “john mccain will be the next president” will probably ring true.

  5. Wow, she seems…uhhh a lil upset no?? Doesnt she watch youtube? Her grandkids should have warned her not to “go off” in front of the their friends are downloading their grandma acting

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