The Bertou family buys a house: Part 3

Part 1, Part 2

On Friday we looked at this house in the city’s 19th Ward. We had peeked in the windows while driving through the neighborhood on several occasions, but this was our first chance to see it on the inside.

The house is gorgeous. It’s about 1,300 square feet with three bedrooms and one bath. It has parqued hardwood floors in the living room and dining room, with carpeting upstairs. It also has a nice wide open kitchen with all new cabinets and countertops. It has a spacious attic that could make a nice playroom for the boys someday. It also has a deck off the back entrance, a good sized yard for the boys to play in and a one car garage.

The neighborhood is very nice. Most of our neighbors are owner occupants and it also has a very active neighborhood association. It’s still relatively close to my job (3.5 miles), a few blocks away from the airport and has easy access to the 390 Interstate.

We’re meeting with the city on Friday morning to put the house under contract. This means that, pending final approval and clearing a few hurdles, we’ve effectively started the buying process. According to the realtor, if all goes smoothly we could be closing on the house in as little as 45 days!


6 thoughts on “The Bertou family buys a house: Part 3

  1. We’re excited too. But at the same time it feels kind of weird.

    We’ve always wanted a house (duh!), but figured it wouldn’t happen for us for another 5-10 years. We figured we’d have to get out of debt, and tuck away a nice chunk of change for a down payment before we would be comfortable considering it.

    Then along came this program where they essentially hand you the money for the down payment and closing costs, point you toward a completely renovated house and hang a price tag on it that’s practically irresistable.

    I mean, we only need to put up $1,500 of our own money for Pete’s sake.

    So it’s weird. We almost feel guilty, like we haven’t really done anything to earn a house yet. Especially not a house this nice, with all new everything!

    Add to that how quickly we’ve gone from not even considering a house to making an offer on one and zowee!

  2. Congrats guys! What’s the noise levels like there being so close to the airport? Is the driving/bike riding path between your job and this house a good commute or is it through some rough areas?

    Just curious… The house looks awesome.

  3. As far as the airport noise goes, we really don’t think it will be much different than our current location. We’re already along the flight paths, so we hear jets all the time (or rather, don’t hear them much now that we’re so used to them). This house is about a mile closer to the airport, but what’s a mile “as the crow flies?”

    In general though, the neighborhood will be much quieter than our current location. Alexander Street intersects all the major East/West streets on the east side of the city. We have constant foot, car, bus and truck traffic 24/7. Not to mention being so close to the clubs when they close at 2AM. The new house is in a pretty quiet residential area, with very little through traffic (light foot and car – NO trucks or buses) from what we’ve seen in our numerous driving tours of the community.

    As far as the commute to work. It’s about double the distance as it is currently and runs primarily along Brooks Ave. Most of that is through decent neighborhoods, but there are a couple rough patches as you get closer to downtown. I probably wouldn’t ride my bike that much because of the longer distance, but would feel totally safe if I did. The worst parts aren’t really any worse than our current neighborhood.

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