Get your All-Star ballots!

While I was at the Red Wings game on Friday night I grabbed a stack of MLB All-Star ballots. I filled mine out between innings and it brought back a ton of memories of doing the same with my father at the Newark Orioles games when I was a kid. There’s just something magical about filling out that ballot, stuffing it into an envelope and sending it off to MLB.

If anyone out there would like a ballot send me an email with your address at I’ll be more than happy to drop it in the mail for you.

Yeah, you could just vote online. But if you’re anything like me, that experience pales in comparison to the all-surpassing coolness of filling out the paper ballot!


2 thoughts on “Get your All-Star ballots!

  1. i filled one out online about a month ago. i don’t remember half my picks. i need to do another one anyways, b/c i didn’t pick jimmy’s boy chase utley the first time.

    now, i wanted to ask your opinion about joba. i think they’re doing him wrong. the sox tried to make papelbon a starter, and it just wasn’t where he fit. joba has been real good as the set-up man, and i think he’s a good closer in the making, to replace rivera. now, if i’m right and they keep him as a starter, then that’s just fine with me! but, i wonder what you as a yanks fan thought.

  2. I think what they’re doing with Jobe is assenine. There I said it. Joba setting up Rivera will keep them in, and win, far more games than throwing Joba for 3 innings (every fifth day) ever could.

    And let’s face it, Mo is going to break down sooner or later. A stud closer should be priority #1 going forward. And the current setup would have groomed Joba for that perfectly.


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