Shane’s famous wing sauce

For Father’s Day a few years ago (or maybe it was my birthday?) I got a real boss two-basket deep fryer. Since then we’ve had numerous opportunities to fire that bad boy up and gorge ourselves on some deep-fried goodness.

I’m pretty much addicted to wings, so we have a tendency to make them on a fairly regular basis. And whenever our friends have been over for one of our fried food frenzies my wings always get compliments. For whatever reason, everybody likes them. But the sauce is so ridiculously easy to make I’m amazed more people don’t know how to make a decent wing for themselves.

So for the betterment of the human cause, let me take a minute to share my “secret ingredients”: Red hot, butter

Seriously, it’s that easy folks. But let me break it down a little more specifically.

Step 1:
Melt 1/2 cup (1 stick) of butter in a large plastic container.

Step 2:
Add 1 cup of Frank’s Red Hot, “Original” flavor, hot sauce. Stir in thoroughly.

If you like your wings a little hotter and the sauce a little thicker in consistency, give it another dash of red hot. If you like it more mild, use maybe a 1/4 cup less red hot.

Frank’s original is king, don’t buy another brand and don’t go for any of that “Chile ‘n Lime,” “Xtra Hot,” or “Buffalo Wing” nonsense. Just go with Ol’ Faithful. You can buy it by the gallon at Sam’s Club (we do), and it’ll keep forever.

Step 3:
Give it a taste. If you like your wings with some more kick, add a tablespoon of Tabasco. Again, stick with the original flavor.

That’s it folks. Two (or three) steps is all it takes to make Buffalo Wings that will forever gain the praise of your party guests. Except now that everyone knows how ridiculously easy it is, my wings may never be complimented again!


6 thoughts on “Shane’s famous wing sauce

  1. i have had shane’s easy made wings and will attest to their goodness.
    i have in fact learned from the recipe and made my own…though i can’t convince jess that a deep fryer should be a regular appliance in our kitchen….nice white toaster, nice white kitchenaid mixer, greasy brown frier, nice white coffee pot….it just doesn’t flow.

  2. I’m thinking we must have had you over and had wings when we were living in Spring Valley?

    But yeah, definitely don’t use the deep fryer in the kitchen.

    We keep ours on a table in the basement and stick a box fan in the nearest window to (sort of) act like a vent. Even then the smell of hot grease finds its way throughout the house for a little while afterward.

    At the new house it may get banished to the garage.

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