Apparently the curse lives on. Sorry Pens fans, I was rooting for them. The closing seconds of last night’s game were amazing!


3 thoughts on “Champs!

  1. lindstrom is the first european captain of a stanley cup team. that’s one crazy stat.

    that one goal that fleury knocked in by falling on the puck was the difference. he played an incredible series, though. i think these 2 teams playing in the finals next years is very likely.

  2. It’s a ridiculous testament to the seemingly random nature of hockey that the two plays that ultimately decided the game were that flukish.

    The Red Wings’ third goal was crap. Had anyone realized that Fleury had it trickle through they would have fallen on it. INCHES!

    Then the last shot on goal, great work getting around Osgood and just a few inches off as time expired.

    Gotta love seeing Chelios hoist the cup. He’s almost as old as my dad! 😆

  3. i wish chelios was my dad! i LOVED him on the blackhawks (my western conference team…yeah, i lose in both conferences!!!)

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