Game Won!

Paul-freaking-Pierce. When he went down in a heap the entire season flashed before my eyes. That standing ovation he received coming back onto the court was electric! Think he wants this one much?

And boy, when Kobe shoots 30% from the floor is sure is noticeable isn’t it?

Game two is Sunday night. Can anyone explain to me why on earth the NBA is killing the momentum of this series by making us wait three days for the second game? They’re already in Boston for crying out loud! It seems to me that showing Game 2 immediately after ABC’s coverage of the Belmont Stakes would have been a smart marketing move to capture the attention of casual sports fans.


8 thoughts on “Game Won!

  1. Well, that’s certainly an advantage to having an extra day’s rest. But the scheduling still doesn’t make any sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take it!

  2. they’re stretching out the advertising dollars. for every extra day they schedule between games, they know folks are tuning in to espn shows to hear all the chatter (including radio). advertisers have to pay a higher premium during big events….so, they’re making hay out if it all.

    in addition, my very life depends on the celtics winning this thing.

    the idea of kobe getting another ring is as nauseating at best.

  3. I’d buy your argument about advertising dollars if the rest of the series weren’t on the “right” schedule. Maybe it’s because viewership would be down on a Saturday night versus a week night?

    I don’t care if Kobe gets 100 more rings as long as Phil Jackson doesn’t surpass Red Auerbach.

  4. well, i wasn’t aware that the rest of the series was normal…i thought they had stretched the whole thing out.

    red is going to get passed up. personnaly, i’d take phil over red in a series (if phil is coaching the 91 or 97 bulls)

    and my reasoning about kobe has to do with the blasphemy being passed around that kobe is better than jordan.
    if he wins another ring, the proponents of this nonsense will be out in full force.

  5. RED IS THE GREATEST GENIUS IN BASKETBALL HISTORY! YE HATH SPOKEN BLASPHEMY!!! and as far as kobe being better than jordan, that’s just plain silly talk. seriously dude, in what way is he better? kobe couldn’t take a team with only one other good player to 6 titles. SIX. kobe has won 1 mvp. jordan won 5. jordan even won defensive player of the year once. jordan is the most decorated player in nba history. he led the league in scoring 10 times!!! he’s also got the record for most all-defensive first team appearances (9)! highest career scoring average, highest playoff scoring average, most consecutive games in double figures, and on and on and on. anyone who talks like that about jordan just doesn’t like him, plain & simple. you can’t possibly make a solid argument that kobe is better. and bird and magic are both way above mr. bryant and anyone else playing today, as well. watch some highlight clips. no one compares to jordan, bird & magic.

    aside from that, i agree shane, the wait is ridiculous. it’s just like the 2 weeks for the superbowl. i hate how everything revolves around advertisement and listening to idiots blabber and speculate. which reminds me, am i a crazy homer or are the espn AND abc guys 100% behind LA in this?!?! it’s like watching the sox with tim “i hate boston” mccarver announcing (in which case i put the tv on mute and turn on boston radio).

  6. for anyone who is interested, go to youtube and search “hoopsencyclopedia”

    this dude has about 70 videos of jordan, including highlights most people have NEVER seen before. (Dude taped EVERY GAME OF JORDAN’S career and has been posting highlights of some of his best games)

    really worth watching. especially the apologetics for Jordan…there has never been or ever will be a better player.

    in addition, search “jordan breaks backboard” on youtube. apparently jordan played in some weirded out charity event after his rookie year and broke a backboard. no explanation as to why it never showed up in all of his highlight reels, but it sure is cool.

  7. oops, i misread your comment and thought you said kobe was better than jordan!

    my mistake 🙂

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