The Bertou family buys a house: Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

This morning Cheryl and I went down to City Hall to put the house under contract. Putting it under contract effectively takes the house off the market and begins all of the legal paperwork for the transaction.

We had to initial and sign a bunch of legalize and write a check for $1,000 to act as our deposit on the property. Now the paperwork will go to the Greater Rochester Housing Partnership for them to sign off on, as well as to our attorney for his review. After the GRHP signs off on it, we’ll have to work with our bank to finalize the mortgage application and secure the funding.

Our closing is scheduled “on or around” August 8th. Of course, with Cheryl due about a week before that this whole thing should be really interesting come closing time!


9 thoughts on “The Bertou family buys a house: Part 4

  1. we moved from Jordan to my in-laws to a church property to another church property all while Jess was pregnant or just after Owen was born. And then bought a house. It’s glorious going through all that stress at once!
    I offer you a tentative congrats. It’ll be great.

  2. @Jim E: Cheryl was about 8 1/2 months pregnant with Josiah when we first moved to Rochester. So we’ve been down this road before. Of course the last time we did it we weren’t buying the house. That’s a whole different kinda stressful altogether!

    You know. It’s funny. In the past year my life has been blessed in every way it could possibly be measured. If you had told me a year ago – when we were stressing over the whole Gainesville thing and feeling completely alienated from God, other people, ourselves … If you had told me then that in a year’s time I’d have a fabulous job, would be expecting our second child and would be closing on a house – I would have laughed in your face.

    I can only attribute it to two things.

    1) Moving back to Rochester.
    2) Severing ties with the C&MA.

    Who knew? 😆

  3. While we were going through it, returning to Rochester – even though in our hearts – did not seem like the logical thing to do. We even started looking for jobs and a place to live, despite not being convinced it was the right move.

    Believe it or not, when we were here for a weekend visit last May we even talked ourselves out of moving back. Even though our heart was here, things like money, jobs, security, opportunity all seemed to be in Florida for us.

    But, to quote John Popper … “The hook brings you back.” 😆

    Now when we talk about those days it’s more like, “what the heck were we thinking? How could we NOT come back?”

  4. We are certainly glad you came back!

    Buying a house is exciting. If you need any help, I work for beer….or chicken wings.

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