Big Bust

So did anyone else tune in to watch Big Brown flame out at Belmont? Not only did he fail to win the race and take home the Triple Crown, but his jockey Kent Desormeaux pulled him up down the stretch and the horse finished dead last. Lame.

On a related note, Josiah and I made a return trip to the track at Finger Lakes on Saturday. Just before he left his grandmother gave him $2 to bet on a horse. Sure enough, he picked another winner and his $4.20 in winnings went straight into his piggy bank. I went 2-for-3 on the day, and my winnings are in his piggy bank too. If we keep this pace up we just might be able to put him through college!


7 thoughts on “Big Bust

  1. it was deliciously melted and smooshed 😉 a package for you should arrive in a week’s time.

  2. Dang! If I had dropped $2 (or $20 bucks!) on every horse INCLUDING the favorite, I would have made some nice ca$h (due to that nice 30+ to 1 odds). If only I would think ahead sometimes…


  3. At Finger Lakes they also simulcast all the other races going on around the country (and world?). They have tons of tables, and private viewing booths where you can sit and bet races at the other tracks all day long. (Note to self: Do not become that dude!)

    At one point I thought about putting $2 down on Big Brown just for the heck of it. But I think at the time his odds were something like 2-5. When the numbers are backwards, that’s not so much worthwhile. So I didn’t bother. The thought to bet on another horse in that race never once crossed my mind for whatever reason.

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