Jakob Dylan – Seeing Things

Jakob Dylan’s new solo album is currently available to listen to in its entirety at AOL’s Free Full CD Listening Parties.

My quick take …

I think Jakob Dylan worked hard to forge his own identity as the lead singer of The Wallflowers. As part of a band, something larger than himself, he had the freedom to cut his musical teeth as Jakob Dylan, and didn’t have to live up to the pressure of being known exclusively as “Bob’s son.” Now that he’s had multi-platinum success, it seems he might be a little more comfortable exploring that whole Dylan thing after all.

And I’m not just talking about publicity photos that are curiously similar to some of his father’s old album covers.

The prominence of his acoustic guitar – and a more folksier sound overall – certainly does bring some familiar tones to mind. Especially with that extra little gravel in his voice these days. I’ve always liked Jakob Dylan’s songwriting, so this album feels more like Bruce Springsteen’s Devil’s and Dust than it does a complete departure from The Wallflowers.

Looking forward to seeing him perform in Buffalo on July 3rd.


8 thoughts on “Jakob Dylan – Seeing Things

  1. question: shouldn’t he go by zimmerman? i mean, if he doesn’t want to be known as “bob dylan’s son”, why does he use his fathers stage surname? just saying…

  2. “Dylan” is Bob Dylan’s legal surname, it’s not a stage name. He legally changed it in August of 1962.

    Bob’s first wife (and Jakob’s mother) is Sara Dylan. Dylan is also her legal surname. Jakob Dylan’s name is Jakob Dylan. Not Jakob Zimmerman.

    And I don’t think it’s so much that he doesn’t want to be known as “Bob Dylan’s son.” I didn’t say that he didn’t want that (read my comment again, it was an observation of the benefit of being in a band versus being known as a solo artist – although in re-reading it I can see how you saw it that way).

    There’s really no escaping the fact that he’s Bob Dylan’s son, and I’m sure he’s proud of it. But those are some pretty big shoes to fill, I think (personally) he was always a little uncomfortable when people asked him to try them on.

  3. weird. why legally change your name??? anyways…

    …i just would think that if my father were renowned as the greatest songwriter ever i’d not want to try and do it myself. it’d be like picasso’s kid trying to be a painter, or johnny most’s kid trying to call basketball games. not to say jakob isn’t good, i just think that if i were him, the absolute last thing i’d want to do is music!

  4. @SGRWebster: That’s the only Wallflowers album I don’t have!

    @timothy allen brown: I get that. But if that’s where your talent lies, what are ya gonna do? It’s not like he’s a starving musician. He’s sold millions of albums.

  5. Man, I saw this guy and the Wallflowers open for Pearl Jam for a benefit show in Seattle 10 years ago and people were mean to them. Sean Lennon and friends played, too and ppl were even meaner to them. I think a bunch of stoners just wanted to mosh because ppl started moshing to the Wallflowers. To the WALLFLOWERS. Also, people were throwing plastic bottles at Jakob and Sean the whole time. It was weird. It was the second of two shows and Jakob said, “thanks for listening, you guys are a lot nicer than yesterday’s crowd.” I can’t imagine what that crowd was doing…

    Glad to see he’s doing something.

  6. Wow – this is a great artist. I remember first hearing the Wallflowers for the first time – so great- and seeing them on VH1. I’m sure I remember – at least on the first album – that he was called Jacob Zimmerman. It wasn’t enough to fool me. The similarities between father and son – appearance, the music, the way with words and even the voice – I went right to the computer and confirmed my belief that he was Dylan’s kid. Dylan is my all time #2 artist – I don’t think Jakob will ever surpass him for me – but he’ll probably end up in my top 10! And I thought that the first time I heard the Wallflowers.
    Since he used Zimmerman though, I thought that Dylan had never legally changed his name and/or he wanted to establish on his own right. He didn’t have to worry – his beautiful voice, music and words stand on their own.

  7. I’m having a problem viewing your site in my browser. Could you please check this. My browser is Opera 7 btw. 🙂

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