The saddest day of my life.

Sabres Officially End Affiliation With Amerks

PORTLAND, Me. – The Buffalo Sabres have announced a new, long-term affiliation agreement with the Portland Pirates, ending a 29-year relationship with the Amerks.

The Sabres and Amerks had the longest running affiliation in the AHL until Tuesday. During that span, Rochester made the playoffs 24 out of the 29 seasons, winning division titles eight times, and three Calder Cup championships.

We were Amerks season ticket holders for a couple years after we relocated to Rochester and have taken in as many games as we could possibly afford over the past couple of years. That being said, this completely freaking sucks.

Having the Sabres move their affiliation to Portland, ME instead finding a way to make it work with the AHL team down the street angers me. The absolute debacle that has become the Rochester Americans organization over the past three years also frustrates me. And now our sole affiliate is the Florida Panthers?

I’d consider a lengthy boycott of both the Amerks and the Sabres over this divorce, just on principle, if I weren’t such a sheep for Western NY hockey.

I don’t know. Maybe RIT will be getting my hockey dollars for a little while. NCAA D-1 hockey is suddenly looking alot better to me these days.


3 thoughts on “The saddest day of my life.

  1. Terrible news. Being a lifelong Sabers fan and attending countless Amerks games growing up, this is beyond depressing.
    It seems that Rochester sports have gone down the tubes in recent years, with the Rhinos debacle at the start of this year among other things.
    Rochester used to be such a great city for sports and it deserves better. However,when teams are owned by the likes of Steve Donner, what can you expect?
    By the way, how you could lose more than $500,000 in revenue between the Rhinos and Knighthawks in two years is beyond me.

  2. the pirates had their contract with the ducks. before that it was the capitals. they can’t seem to keep a team affiliation! but, they’ve had some good teams. they almost got to the calder cup finals this year, and they did win it their first season (1994) and lost in the finals to, ironically enough, rochester in ’96.

    sorry you lost the team in the roc. but, there’s no greater place on earth to lose a team to then the greatest city in america – portland, maine 🙂

    (why i choose to not live there and stay in RI is beyond me…and my friends trying to get me to move there as we speak!)

  3. Rochester still is an amazing place for sports. The list of options is virtually endless. I mean seriously, name me another city where you can see AAA baseball, AHL hockey, USL Soccer, NLL Lacrosse (indoor), MLL Lacross (outdoor), PBL Basketball (soon to be NBA DL?), Major PGA Events, the LPGA, NCAA Div. 1 hockey, arena football, professional boxing and cycling?

    There are tons of affordable options for sports fans. Plus, you’ve got the Sabres, Bills and Syracuse Orange all within about an hour’s drive.

    The Amerks/Sabres split angers me the most. I mean we were seeing regular season Sabres games at the Blue Cross Arena not two/three years ago for Pete’s sake.

    But at the very least, although the mis-management of the Rhinos, Rattlers, Amerks and Knighthawks by the Rochester Sports Group has kind of shaken things up – the teams still exist. We can still root for them and enjoy going to their games for as long as they last.

    Thank God for the Red Wings! If all else fails, we know they’ll be here forever.

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