Ray LaMontagne – New album in September!

Ray LaMontagne announced this week that he’ll be releasing his highly anticipated (especially by me) third album – Gossip in the Grain – on September 9th!

I think the entire Bertou household just peed a little.

The press release contains what has to be the most accurate description of his sound that has ever been articulated:

Recorded with returning producer, Ethan Johns in Box, England, and touching upon a range of styles and musical settings- spanning pastoral folk, railroad blues, front porch country, and plangent balladry – Gossip In The Grain proves to be his most creative and emotionally expansive collection to date.

Here’s the track listing for the upcoming album, including some bootleg samples of the first three tracks:

1. Let It Be Me

2. Hey Me, Hey Mama

3. Sarah

4. I Still Care For You
5. Winter Birds
6. Meg White
7. Achin’ All The Time
8. Henry Nearly Killed Me (It’s A Shame)
9. A Falling Through
10. Gossip In The Grain

My palette is officially whetted.


3 thoughts on “Ray LaMontagne – New album in September!

  1. ray’s the best thing to come out of lewiston, maine since patrick dempsey. wait…ray’s way better than mcdreamy 🙂

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