Gettin’ Jazzed: Day 1

Today marks the kickoff of the 7th annual Rochester International Jazz Festival. The event features over 800 artists, performing over 250 concerts around the city between now and Saturday, June 21st. The Bertou clan figures to be regular fixtures each night at the free “Jazz Street Stage” on the corner of Gibbs St. & East Ave.

Tonight we’ll be taking in a little “big band” by New Horizons Big Band and then a little swing with the Blue Vipers of Brooklyn. The headlining acts tonight (ie, the one’s we couldn’t afford to see) are Gap Mangione and Frank Sinatra Jr.

If you’re in town and are heading down to Gibbs St., look for us!

Blue Vipers of Brooklyn – I’ll Fly Away


2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Jazzed: Day 1

  1. Bro, I’m assuming you were heading down for The Buddahood?

    Tonight’s not the night for us. (Too much fun with little friends = too much preschool fun to go out at night.)

    Those guys play alot in town. (Translation: Next time.)

    Sorry to miss them (and you) but we just couldn’t do tonight.

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