Shut ‘Em Down!

First things first. The official soundtrack to this post.

I almost checked in to bed last night at halftime. The Celts looked sluggish and demoralized. I figured they’d mail it in the second half and we’d be all tied up heading into Sunday’s Game 5 match up.

But for some reason I couldn’t turn it off, and they kept inching closer to erasing the Lakers’ 24-point lead.

Props to Paul Pierce for completely shutting Kobe Bryant down. Dan Wetzel wrote a great piece about how Pierce told Doc Rivers that he wanted to be assigned to Kobe at halftime, and how that sparked the team’s comeback. Word.

Great game. I’m glad I stayed up for it.


8 thoughts on “Shut ‘Em Down!

  1. I hate the Lakers so I rather enjoyed the worst collapse in finals history. Besides I want my man KG to get a title even if not with the wolves.

  2. Having not had much opportunity to see the Celtics play all season, I’ve really been struck by how well rounded they are as a team. They roll 12 deep and seemingly EVERYONE contributes, it’s not just “the big three.” Really like that about this team.

  3. BEST

    and the lakers can’t blame ANYONE or ANYTHING but themselves. that sasha chump needs a punch to the head from pierce! just goes to show that european finesse players can’t hang with the big dogs. GO GREEN!

  4. from this point forward, i will simply not entertain even the mere whisper that kobe is in the same conversation as MJ.
    are you listening to me, Jemele at espn page 2?

  5. I couldn’t be happier the Lakers lost. Watching Sasha cry was priceless. I agree about Pierce. I’ve been impressed with Pierce’s defense since the Cleveland series.

  6. this is hilarious

    stupid whiny effeminate little euro trash!

    and here’s the clip of ray allen SCHOOLING them fools

  7. That Ray Ray clip … Did he school Sasha, or did Sasha decide that defense wasn’t part of the game? (Did he even try???)

    BTW … that .gif, “F—in’ ger off me. I’m a Prima Madonna!”

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