Tiger Tracker

Anyone besides me obsessed with checking the scores for the U.S. Open every five seconds?

Tiger Woods is an absolute freak of nature. His chip in on 17, and eagle putt on 18 on Saturday were the stuff of legends. And with a bum knee to boot!

It’s killing me that I can’t watch the playoff right now and have to resort to clicking “refresh” on the online scorecard.

UPDATE: MSNBC is simulcasting the playoff round online!


24 thoughts on “Tiger Tracker

  1. Hilarious. This site is live blogging the playoff. I just read this comment:

    Woods’ tee shot from the par three eighth is greeted with enthusiastic but idiotic cries of ‘get in the hole’. It goes in the bunker. Hang your heads in shame, morons.

  2. Man, Rocco has completely fallen apart in the sudden death hole. First he puts his tee shot in the bunker, then his approach goes over the gallery. Tiger could put from where he is right now and win the tournament.

  3. in addition, i’d like to add that Tiger’s legend was just cemented in iron. (is that like a weaving a clay tapestry?) anyway, we’ll see this one on ESPN classic for the rest of our lives.

  4. I keep forgetting that prior to this event Tiger hadn’t played golf in two months!

    I’m not sure what the golf world is going to do when this guy hangs them up. I enjoy golf, play it from time to time, watch the majors, etc. But unless Tiger’s in the lead or in the hunt, I tend not to care very much.

    Anyway, this was golf at its absolute best! Poor Rocco.

  5. i mean tim, you’re irish. how can you not like golf? am i wrong? aren’t there like more golf courses in ireland than people?

  6. well actually, it was created in scotland, and i’m scottish, too. i like playing golf…well, mini-golf and driving ranges (the in-between stuff is too confusing!), but to watch it…that’s just painful! oh well, to each there own 🙂

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