Sweet 17!

The only thing sweeter than seeing Paul Pierce hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy last night was the absolute beat-down they handed the Lakers to win it. They never took their foot off their necks for one minute. No more talk of Kobe eclipsing Michael Jordan!


14 thoughts on “Sweet 17!

  1. i hate to make this about kobe vs mj…but this has to silence the talk. kobe got 11 points in the last 41 minutes.

    you put mj in that game six and he would have stripped karl malone, calmly dribbled to the top of the key, shake a defender (with a psuedo-push off) and drill the jumper to put them ahead for good.

    oh, wait….

  2. with that out of the way……..

    THAT WAS THE MOST SEVERE BEATDOWN EVER. Totally demoralizing. I’m so happy i almost called off work because i’m probably too giddy to do my job.

  3. being at the pub was EXACTLY the right place to be last night 🙂 someone yelled “kobe!” in the first quarter, and i’m fairly certain 5 guys with “beat LA” shirts took him outside. ah, providence 🙂

    one cool fun fact: they won #17 on the 17th. sweet.

    now shane, who do you think will get to #27 first, the celtics or yankees?!?! 😉

  4. could it have been any better? I remember going to Boston to see the parade the last time they won. Wish I could go this year!

  5. Just remember John it took a former Celtic to trade away MN’s only good player to win this for them. I so hate McHale he is such a bad GM.

  6. I’ve been sitting on it. I was debating whether to post it. I didn’t want to dedicate a post to it. But since you brought it up here, maybe I have an out.

    So, I guess they’re not cool with each other after all?

  7. i think that is a painfully awful freestyle. and, it might be that shaq can’t do it w/out a star guard. seriously, even jordan needed pippen. this whole shaq-kobe thing is dumb. they’re both dumb.

  8. my favorite part is that he is clearly needing to read his words off of something because he hardly takes his eyes of that one spot the whole time.

  9. He’s focusing man!

    Yeah, I think we’re all at a point where we agree that it’s not that Kobe can’t win one without Shaq as much as it’s Shaq couldn’t have one any without Kobe or D Wade. Because without either, he’s not getting out of the first round. Even with the Suns!

  10. come on guys! shaq in his prime was the PRIMARY reason the lakers won 3. Take kobe off that team and replace him with an average 2 guard and they still would have won. he was so dominant it was ridiculous.
    by the time he got to miami, he was hurt, old and slow.
    but make no mistake; d wade has NO ring without shaq.

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