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14 thoughts on “Caption this:

  1. OK seriously?

    Stem’s Kimbo Slice reference was badass enough. (And frankly, it doesn’t get any more badass than Kimbo.)

    But of all the people I never expected the most badass movie quote of all time to come from … my mother in law?

    +10 points for Team Awesome.

    (And yes SGRWebster – I broke my oath.)

  2. Ok, so … since my last comment I’ve been lost in cyberspace. Mostly watching clips of Taxi Driver and Kimbo Slice fights on YouTube.

    Which inevitably made me Google stuff.

    Dude … Kimbo named one of his sons “Kevlar.” Kevlar! You know you are as tough as poison tipped nails when you name your kid after a bullet-resistant material!!

  3. “Woe is me– five possibilities and I just happen to chew through the bag with a bald chick… “

  4. totally unrelated to the “caption” …

    i hope kimbo improves his ground game enough to make it to UFC.

    in addition, i’d rank him in the top 5 all time of guys you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.

  5. I agree on not wanting to run into Kimbo Slice in a dark alley. Or in a well lit anywhere for that matter.

    I couldn’t care less about MMA however. When they’re upright, it’s basically bad boxing. And when they’re in the horizontal man-hug it’s basically lame. I kind of shared those same sentiments here a while back.

  6. MMA to me is leading us to thunderdome on tv “two man enter one man leave”. I happen to watch it quite a bit bcse my neighbors are really into it and get all the ppv events. There is some amazing skill used by the better fighters so much so that fighters like Kimbo couldnt make it in UFC. Some matches are bar brawls at best but the ground game of many is pretty sweet to watch. I just dont think I will ever be able to watch it and not have to come home and shower.

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