Top twenty religious t-shirts

Christianity used to have the market cornered when it came to proselytizing the masses by way of cornball slogans on t-shirts. But these days everyone is getting in on the act!

The U.K. based Times Online has put out their list of the “Top Twenty Religious T-Shirts” – the two above are my favorites from the list.

Know of any t-shirts that could be contenders for this list? Post links in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Top twenty religious t-shirts

  1. wow. nothing more lame then tacky christianese t-shirts. but, that jesus is palestinian one is going on my gifts for rob sanzone list! 🙂

  2. The Kerusso T-Shirts are actually very popular. I had one of the MySpace Shirts. Nate’s favorite is Heavy Drinker with the verse from John about drinking from this water not thirsting again. He loves to wear it in the store. It makes some Chrsitian’s mad. My favorite is the Hero knock off. Looks just like the logo from the show.

    Oh on that list they had the Starbuck knock off miss labeled. It is a Kerusso shirt.

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