God’s Pottery

I’ve you’ve been watching Last Comic Standing this season (Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) you’ve no doubt seen the “Christian acoustic duo” known as God’s Pottery. Freaking hilarious.

Last night they performed their tribute to abstinence titled “The Pants Come Off When the Ring Goes On.” I wish there was video up of that tune, but I haven’t been able to find it yet. In the meantime here’s their Rosh Hashanah tune “A Brand New Start with Christ.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.


18 thoughts on “God’s Pottery

  1. sorry bro, that just leaves me offended. it’s like the awful christian shirts (except they’re being serious – unfortunately!). just more fuel to the fire that all christians are idiots like that.

  2. i don’t think they’re serious. i think they may be followers of Christ, but my take was that it would be like me and shane doing a comedy routine…totally over the top making fun of our own family just to point out the ridiculousness of it.
    i mean, if they’re serious, they wouldn’t submit themselves to the laughter over something they hold so dear.
    of course, if they’re just mocking, then that hurts…a lot.
    but, maybe i’m wrong.

  3. b/c south park isn’t pretending to be christian to make fun of christianity. they’re clearly not christian. and, they’re equal opportunists about who they make fun of. they make fun of everyone.

    @ jim, i know these 2 clowns aren’t serious, i meant the numbnuts who make the christianese t-shirts

  4. I have to admit I’m surprised. I got a good chuckle out of it, I certainly wasn’t offended by it.

    I just thought was kind of silly.

    Ah well. Everyone is different I suppose.

    Kind of reminds me of the debate over the movie Saved!, which I loved at first and liked less each time I saw it thereafter.

  5. don’t misunderstand me, i think they’re hilarious. like i said, i hope that they’re actually believers just trying to poke fun and start a dialog. but i could be wrong in which case i hate them! i can’t believe they actually got moved on.

  6. well i am trying to figure out if they are for real…but they are hilarious….BTW trying to find out if they are for real i feel about this site…so hi everybody from school

  7. Jim E. – a quick look around the website makes it seem fairly plain that they’re not authentic believers.

    Which is why parodying “a brand new start in Christ” seems in particularly bad taste.

    It was funny, though.

  8. As we “speak” I’m watching Andy Kaufman on the very first episode of SNL.

    That’s why Andy was BRILLIANT!!

    Was it profane?

    Should I be offended?

    Was that for real, or was it a gag?

    The uncertainty is what makes it brilliant!

    Is “God’s Pottery” on the same level as Andy Kaufman? Of course not! But they sure do conjure up the same questions. Don’t they?

  9. i personally don’t think they are for real, but sometimes it is good to have to look into the mirror and ask ourselves how are we communicating the life changing message of Jesus…
    hopefully we (us, individuals) don’t sound like God’s pottery to people…

  10. Looks like today will be an anomaly in the blog stats. It’s not yet 8:45 AM and we’ve already gotten an entire “normal” day’s worth of hits from people searching for “God’s Pottery.”

    If you Google “Gods Pottery” (with the incorrect punctuation) this post comes up fourth overall. Right after two links to the group’s actual website and their official MySpace page. Crazy!

    And in case you didn’t already know, they were eliminated last night.

  11. Okay well as I have readthis whole post and comments in it’s entirity I thought that I should mention that God’s Pottery is for real…Or should I say for cereal, just kidding. They have thier own website that I checked out for fun and they even have their own page where people can ask questions, somebody asked about virginty and judging by their response I can pretty confidently say that they are rediculously real.

  12. I think since this post was written some two months ago, it has become obvious that they are not Christians – as most suspected anyway.

    But at the same time, I wouldn’t go around using terms that a third party used to describe them on Wikipedia as definitive proof if I were you.

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