As Advertised!

Last night we took Josiah to see WALL•E. What can I say, it was brilliant! I think it might be (by far?) the best Pixar film to date. If you haven’t seen it yet, make plans to do so immediately!


11 thoughts on “As Advertised!

  1. really? I liked it thought it was good but couldn’t put it in the same category as Finding Nemo Monsters inc, or Toy Story 1.

    The story was good but I felt like I was being preached at the whole time, pixar threw subtlety out the window with this film. If you werent feeling fat you were feeling like a poloution machine.

    This would prolly be the first pixar film I wouldnt buy. Not to say I didnt enjoy its just not on my must see again list.

  2. I’m leaning on John’s side of this one… As always, a very creative and unique Pixar film. I do agree that the themes of the film are less than subtle and were a little over the top at times. I too would put Finding Nemo & Toy Story before this one, and on par with Monsters Inc. in my Pixar rankings…

    However, the short film at the beginning – by far the best Pixar intro short they’ve done so far… It alone was worth the ticket price.

  3. People sure hate to have great messages woven into a story. (That Jesus guy was sure preachy too…)

    This movie was incredible on a million different levels. A must own for my house!

  4. I really didn’t feel preached at, at all. The movie wasn’t even really about pollution, it just provided the backdrop. The idea of Earth becoming uninhabitable and mankind evacuating it is hardly a new one in science fiction. Heck, we’re even planning for it now.

    The central theme of the movie was human disconnect – the social isolation that comes as technology replaces human interaction. Again, hardly a new idea in the world of sci-fi.

    In the end everyone discovered the need to love, to be touched, to interact with others and to reconnect with Creation. If that’s the sermon, preach on! I felt challenged and encouraged, but never preached at.

    How about the brilliance of a film where the two main characters manage to communicate throughout the film without one shred of dialog? What about the interesting decision to integrate a live action Fred Willard into a CGI film? What about hearing Peter Gabriel in all his Dolby surround sound glory during the closing credits?

  5. Thanks for reminding me to download that Gabriel song!

    At the end of the film I was thinking that the script only really contained two words—Wall E + Eve(a).

  6. That aspect of it really impressed me. I mean, what, over half the film featured those two characters exclusively? The amount they were able to communicate through non-verbal communication was amazing. I mean, you were invested in those characters through beeeps, blips, “facial” expressions, etc.

  7. still not sold heh. I liked it but can’t place it up there with the top pixar films.

    Oh I also despise Peter Gabriel. when the song came on i had a “high fidelity” moment “is that peter fing frampton?” but i changed it in my mind to Gabriel.

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