Such beauty…

How did my life nearly pass without me hearing this song?


5 thoughts on “Such beauty…

  1. Yeah, to say I’ve never heard this song is probably untrue. The more I think of it, it seems like I may have seen it used in the opening credits of a movie before.

    But I was watching her perform it on SNL this weekend – they replayed the first ever SNL as a tribute to George Carlin who hosted it. In seeing her perform it I was really kind of smitten by it and her songwriting. She played another later in the evening that was equally as good. I’m going to have to hit the library and check out her other stuff.

    Side note, she’s performing in Middletown in November at a fund-raiser for a not-for-profit down there. I’d consider tying it to a visit if tickets weren’t $45. That’s way too much for almost any band!

  2. Speaking of “all dude”, in my sermon last week I was railing about the advertisement for Hershey’s “Bliss” chocolate that somehow (literally) was the key to truth and destiny.

    In our preaching through the Beatitudes we see a very different picture of “bliss” or happiness.

    Anyway, the next day one of the secretaries stopped me in the hall & said: “You’re obviously not a woman”

    Maybe the beard gave it away?

    I too saw this on SNL and was haunted by it.

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