Jesus for President

It would appear as though Shane Claiborne’s Jesus for President tour has finally caught the attention of the mainstream media. CNN covered a recent stop in the politics section of their website today. Here are some quotes:

“This whole project is about the political imagination of what it means to follow after Jesus,” Claiborne said. “The language of Jesus as Lord and savior is just as radical as it would be to say ‘Jesus as our commander in chief’ today.”

“With the respectability and the power of the church comes the temptation to prostitute our identity for every political agenda.”

“We’ve profaned the blood at the foot of the cross and turned it into Kool-Aid and marketed it all over the world. We’ll make an art and a business out of taking the Lord’s name in vain.

“This is not about going left or right, this is about going deeper and trying to understand together. Rather than endorse candidates, we ask them to endorse what is at the heart of Jesus and that is the poor or the peacemakers and when we see that then we’ll get behind them.”

I haven’t picked up a copy of the book yet, but The Irresistible Revolution has been very influential to me since first reading it a couple years ago. Have any of you read it, or have you attended one of the tour stops?


17 thoughts on “Jesus for President

  1. i had enough- i have now endured over 13 months on this net being ignored or deleted by every arrogant organization such as myspace and “we can solve it dot org” etc etc run by humans and just regular folk like you who have always ignored my messages since my time upon the net-

    WHY- because I introduce myself as a messenger of god- my free will to believe in my inner voice- your FREE WILL to ignore me even if I bring the gift of clean abundant energy to planet earth- Over 13 months as our soldiers fight for it- our planet dies by it- and our economy is about to collapse from it

    well i am done with your stupidity-

    let your oil prices go up- let your food prices go up- watch your economies crumble- see your jobs lost- get rid of all your pet animals as you cannot feed your family and pet dog as so many are giving them to the pound-

    I have come openly with a solution 13 months ago only to be ignored-

    now a gluttonous world playing on the internet shall all learn how primitive man is and must be civil to one another- instead of shunning someone bringing forth a solution- in the months to follow- you will learn there is no alternative fuel- panic mode will set in very soon-

    when you understand clearly how important energy is- i guess your arrogance will stop and just implement my scientific deeds – as for my messenger duties- it will make sense in time- all is well-

    time will tell


  2. holy “what the heck” batman?!?!?!

    who is this solomon guy and how can we direct him to the appropriate support group?

  3. on second thought, to give you a chance, i went to your website soloman azar. i read some of your theory. i watched some video (of stellar quality). i have no understanding of what you’re talking about. so, i would say, like all would-be great inventors, you should keep plugging away and going after the people that do understand instead of chastising completely innocent parties.

  4. I left the comment up for sheer entertainment value. But I removed the links and his name because I didn’t want this kook to be the beneficiary of any additional web traffic.

    Wow. 😆

  5. i thought it was jesus ’til i saw that it was signed s.a. bummer.

    as far as jesus for president, i’m not familiar with the group and their ideology. but, from american history, i’d say that the sincerist man of faith we’ve had preside over our nation is easily jimmy carter, and that is probably why he is viewed as a bad president (generally speaking). you can’t be a good person and a good president. but that’s probably due to our awful political system.

  6. Interesting theory John, but you’ll have to go a little further to explain “Solomon Azar.” Which is the name the commentor originally gave (which I edited down to the initials when I removed the link).

  7. i stand accused! i have to give keno (do they have that outside RI?!?!) credit for the letters theory. good times with imagination 🙂

    and sorry shane, like i said i’m unfamiliar. but, c’mon dude, how many times do the comments match up with your questions? 😉

  8. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my to-do list before November. I’ve loved everything Shane’s had to say up to this point, so I imagine this will be no different.

  9. That is so beautiful.

    I read Irresistible. I’ve also had a few conversations with Shane. He’s a really humble, funny guy. I am so thankful for his voice in the American Church. We are planning a huge conference for next year and he told me he was interested in coming to speak.

  10. Oh and I agree with Allen about Jimmy Carter from what I know. AND I want to watch this solomon guy’s video! Haha.

    From what I understand, he is right about there not being a viable alternative to oil and many experts say we are now at the peak of oil production for the Earth’s yearly capacity. It only goes downhill from there. Problem is, demand is expected to grow between 30 – 50% in the next couple decades. We need another, not-so-oil-ladened way of life.

    This is a little cartoon that demonstrates the history of oil production in simple terms:

    This guy was on Cheney’s energy commission. Here he explains a lot about it:

    ANY way, it might all be wrong, but it certainly seems scary. I’m hopeful that we might discover a better way of life before it, though.

  11. The Peak Oil theory has been around a while, it’s good to see it’s getting more chatter. Even if it doesn’t hold true, it is causing us to take a long hard look at alternative energy resources which should have been a no-brainer decades ago IMO. (Why wouldn’t we want to use free, abundantly available resources like solar, wind, etc.?)

  12. Word. That’s basically how I feel about global warming. I’ve heard pretty convincing testimony both ways, but I’m just glad it’s getting us to explore more sustainable practices.

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