9 thoughts on “New Logo, New Image for Wal-Mart (er, I mean Walmart)

  1. I’m surprised that they didn’t change the color of there logo to green.

    I think making their employees semi-happy will create a better image at least a better atmosphere. A few seem tired and cranky and those aren’t even the third world manufacturers you mentioned.

    1. For those of you that have a job well you will find cranky people, lazy people, folks that don”t care or take the time to care for their families let alone the customers at the stores. Most of us that work at Walmart like our jobs and have insurance and I make more money than my husband at times, so i do not know what store these people are coming from if any. i own rental properties on a Walmart income that were premarital. So a job is what you make of it does not make the place you work a bad place. It just means that there are lazy people everywhere it is our society we have become a group of lazy Americans that want everyone to do every thing for us and when that does not happen we complain about it. Well so be it! Complain but Walmart but it is a Great place to work. And as for manufacturers outside the USA Well I callenge you to go look for products made in this county then open a store……………. The American people have drove all the manufacturers out by wanting more wages and then not buying AMERICAN..

  2. Sounds like a terrible company good thing I wont shop there.

    I am however worried cause it sounds like you are forced to support them Shane so I feel bad for you. If only there were somewhere else to shop that didnt treat their employees like crap. Man I bet people would really care about that when milk is 25 cents cheaper at wallymart.

    Ohh wait they dont…..

    Bad companies are still bad regardless of slogan or sign.

  3. Always tough to read your comment and try to figure out where you are being for real, and where you are being sarcastic. 😆

    For the record, I’m only moderately opposed to Wal-Mart. Their business practices are discouraging, but they’ve also been known to receive more than their fair share of my hard earned money. I do try to spend as little time and money there as possible.

    But sometimes, well, you just happen to need spaghetti sauce, a few quarts of oil and a high definition television.

    Whaddya gonna do? 😆

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  5. i dont know where you people are getting your info from. i work at walmart almost three years and they treat me alright and are willing to help you through the bad times. you really need to get a job you might like working there with all the extra income we get. mary lou a walmart worker for three years

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