Fair Trade Music.

About a year ago I told you about a project Derek Webb was embarking on that would allow music fans to download complete albums absolutely free. Well, Derek’s vision has finally come to fruition as NoiseTrade.com is now officially open for business!

There are currently 13 albums available for free download, including Derek Webb’s most recent release The Ringing Bell. You have two “payment” options. Either enter the email addresses of three of your friends who might like the album, or you can choose to “pay what you want” for the album. I took advantage of the free download offer immediately and have been really enjoying loving Micah Dalton’s album Pawnshop!

As an added bonus PASTE Magazine – aka the greatest music mag on the planet – is offering subscriptions on a “pay what you want” basis on the site.

You’re not there yet?!!?


6 thoughts on “Fair Trade Music.

  1. I just got a couple albums. That is a genius/awesome site. I remember last time Derek was in town talking about how he felt being generous with music only helped the artist.

  2. I think he said that his album sales and attendence at shows went through the roof after he gave “Mockingbird” away for free. That kind of birthed the album.

    I downloaded albums by Micah Dalton and William F. Gibbs. Great stuff. I posted tracks to my Muxtape if anyone wants to hear samples.

  3. So that’s pretty crazy. 50 people clicked on the link for my Muxtape yesterday. I assume it was because I mentioned it in a comment here.

    But there’s never been even remotely close to that many clicks when I’ve mentioned it in the main post. Including the time I leaked the Coldplay single.


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