Like father, like son…

We kicked off our 4th of July weekend by seeing Jakob Dylan perform a free show in Buffalo. All in all, he put on a great show. Well worth the price of admission!

He mostly played songs from his solo album Seeing Things, but did play a couple of Wallflowers tunes as well. The set was great, even if the crowd was a little obnoxious. As if the crowd surfing teens weren’t bad enough, he also had to endure regular chants begging him to play “One Headlight.” I’m glad he didn’t oblige.

One thing is for sure though, he’s definitely looking (and sounding) more like his dad these days. The entertainment writer for the Buffalo News took notice as well.

Jakob Dylan outran his father’s shadow on Thursday night, while looking eerily like that father in the process. Dressed in a nifty black suit and flat-brimmed hat that couldn’t help but suggest to the assembled the sort of ascetic country priest look Bob Dylan assumed for the “Nashville Skyline” and “John Wesley Harding” album covers, the younger Dylan offered a packed Thursday at the Square crowd a stirring run through his first solo album, “Seeing Things.”


2 thoughts on “Like father, like son…

  1. At some point I’ll likely buy his solo album. I’ve heard it several times because it was featured on AOL’s “Full CD Listening Party” a few weeks back. I like it, but definitely think it’s going to take deliberate listening to for me to be real excited about the “folksy” sound.

    It was a nice show though.

    One thing that was kind of weird was that – according to the review – the bassist and drummer are members of The Wallflowers. If 3/4 of the band are members of The Wallflowers, does this really count as a “solo” performance?

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