Place your bets!

We run pools around here for everything from the NCAA tournament to the Kentucky Derby – so why not use the arrival of our new baby as another reason to pick a winner!??!

We’ve created a baby pool at ExpectNet. All you have to do is pick the gender (that part’s easy if you’ve been paying attention), date and time of arrival, length and weight. The winner will win some sort of baby-related prize.

Don’t post your guesses in the comments below, they will not count!


10 thoughts on “Place your bets!

  1. In case you’re curious about how the winner is calculated, this came from the site’s FAQ:

    Once the baby is born, those guesses are compared to the birth stats to determine an overall winner and a winner in each category. Penalty points are assigned depending on how far the guess is from the actual value. To calculate a player’s overall rank, the points from each category are totalled. Points are assigned as follows, however they can be changed by the game host:

    * incorrect gender: 400 points
    * birth date & time: 5 points/hour
    * weight: 5 points/ounce or 0.2 points/gram
    * length: 10 points/inch or 4 points/centimeter

    The winner is the person with the fewest points.

  2. Maybe the people in your SB community are afraid of becoming “too involved.” I know what that’s all about!

    It’s summer. People slack some when it’s summer.

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