BREAKING NEWS: Obama courts the redneck vote?

I promise, I’ll lay off the Obama posts for a little while. But this one was just too good to pass up!

Presidential candidate Obama to sponsor Cup car at Pocono race has learned that for the first time in history, a major presidential candidate may sponsor a race car in NASCAR’s premier series. According to sources, Barack Obama‘s campaign is in talks to become the primary sponsor of BAM Racing’s No. 49 Sprint Cup car for the Pocono race on August 3. Details of the agreement are expected to be worked out over the coming days.


13 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Obama courts the redneck vote?

  1. this would be like W trying to get the “gay vote” by going on some show on bravo. a big waste of time!

  2. You know, I did think of that. And admit that it would be funny.

    I tried doing some research to find out who drives it, but it’s still a little unclear. I think it’s Ken Schrader’s car. Of course, if he won it would mean the first victory for a Toyota (I think … from what I’ve gathered).

    Would the crowd spontaneously combust if a Toyota, sponsored by a black candidate, won at Pocono? 😆

  3. “Would the crowd spontaneously combust if a Toyota, sponsored by a black candidate. won at Pocono?”

    appalachia: the last place it’s ok to stereotype and ruthlessly mock and still retain “hip” status.

    i did, however, find your comment funny.

  4. no, you can do that with the south, too. and having lived there, i understand why.

    and i hear a lot of silliness about maine here in RI. they call it the deep south of the far north…and they’re basically right 🙂 but it’s home!

  5. Hey, I’m an equal opportunity mocker. I dislike nearly everything that isn’t NY or urban.

    But, truth be told, most of my family lives rurally. I’ve got plenty of “NASCAR” in my blood.

  6. kyle busch has actually won 7 times…quite impressive and it’s in a toyota. and i hear that obama has confirmed they are NOT going to place an ad on the car.

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