We Roc!

Apparently my incessant rambling about how Rochester is the greatest city in the world hasn’t done enough to convert the masses. Worse yet, it has done little to convince my fellow Rochesterians to view our fair city through the same rose-colored glasses that I do.

So the city has launched a new campaign in an attempt to encourage residents to talk up Rochester. And since my blog consistently doubles as an advertisement for The Roc, what kind of citizen would I be if I didn’t share the radio spots with my peeps?

We Roc – Anthem

We Roc – Economy


2 thoughts on “We Roc!

  1. Kodak redecorated the entry into the building I work at and posted several of the We ROC posters.
    My personal favorite: “If it weren’t for Rochester, Hollywood would be telling stories with flip books”

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