The Stadium.

I will never forget the first time my father took me to see Yankee Stadium. It was June 27th, 1987 and I was eleven. It was my first time in a big city. It was my first time at a big league park. It was my introduction to the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. Everything, everything about that night seemed so huge, so electric, and so magical.

I’ll never forget Don Mattingly’s three run shot over the right field wall in the first inning off “Oil Can” Boyd. (High-fiving dad.) I’ll never forget the crowd heckling Jim Rice every time he took the field. (Dad wishing he could cover my years.) Mattingly, Randolph, Winfield, Righetti, Burks, Boggs, Rice, Baylor. (Dad.) There they were. Not just photos and stats on a baseball card, but playing right there in front of me!

I’ll be reliving a little bit of that magic tonight when I tune in to watch the All-Star Game. Reliving old memories and hopefully making new some ones with my son. Getting one last look at “The Stadium.” Passing baseball – Yankee baseball – down to another generation.

New stadiums. New names. New era. Same baseball.

I’ll be sure to call dad.


17 thoughts on “The Stadium.

  1. When I think baseball I think of yankee stadium as the theater the history was written in.

    Or am I thinking Metrodome?

    I have never been there sadly though and never will due to my hate for all things New York City. Minnesota is however taking over Yankee stadium this weekend we have the Homer Run champ and soon the All Star MVP in Mauer and home field for when we clinch the World Series in Metrodome.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was glad to see Morneau win the Home Run Derby. I mean, of course it was Josh Hamilton’s show, but having watched Morneau play a few seasons in Rochester, I’m obviously partial to the guy.

    Here’s to hoping Terry Francona does the right thing and hands Mo Rivera the ball in the top of the 9th.

  3. it is a magical place. the blue, white, and green of that place look electric even after all these years. i am excited for the new place, but this one sure is special.
    two of my favorites: the enormous baseball bat out by the gate, and walking over the tunnel from the tailgate party with everyone banging on the walls while the blind guy plays the adams family theme song on the flute.

  4. wait, those are both outside the stadium…shoot! but i’m sure nothing that “classless” will be included in the new stadium project.

  5. dude, what is with the yanks fans booing papelbon?!?! he’s pitching on THEIR SIDE!!! he said rivera is the best ever, no disrespect was done. good God!

    as far as the stadium, i have no special feelings for it (obv.), though, my first MLB game was there, so i guess that’s something. david wells had a 6 inning no-hitter that game (it was the season he had already pitched one). yup yup.

  6. @Jason: That image is a cropped down version of some wallpaper I found on the Yankees website.

    @timothy allen brown: I was torn on booing Papelbon. I don’t think his comments really justified a booing. But on the other hand, in the spirit of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry I did kind of enjoy it.

    But then again, it’s the All-Star game. Not game six of the ALCS.

    But then again, then again, he did give up a run which put the NL up late in the game.

    And then again, then again, then again, he is Johnathan Papelbon. And even though he sorta backed off his comments, he did say he deserved to close the game over Rivera. Which is absurd if you care anything at all about things like ERA, WHIP, opponents BA, post-season greatness, Rivera’s legacy, etc.

    Yeah, he gave props to Rivera in the Boston Globe. But the damage had already been done the day before in the Daily News.

  7. i remember that game tim brown. we were way up in right field if i remember correctly. that was the season the yanks won 4,472 game i think…or 114.

  8. no question rivera needed to close. paps has an ego, no doubt about it, but like you said, it’s the all star game and he didn’t mean to disrespect mo. the sox/yanks rivalvy needs to be put aside during this one game, imo.

    and that run was from the error! not paps fault. and w/out the sox j.d. drew, they’d not have won. so…yeah. take that! 🙂

    and that was good times @ the game jimmy. are you sure it was only 114? i think it may have been more 😉

  9. i fell asleep in the 10th i think. when i woke up and turned the bathroom radio on i couldn’t believe how long the game lasted! at least it wasn’t a tie again 🙂 but, i bet the players weren’t as pleased.

  10. I will never forget being in the left field bleacher during the game when jeter dove into the stands and wrecked his face…
    I was there with 2 High School student (the tough part of doing ministry) my wife, and 3 month old son…it was amazing….
    the volume overwhelming…
    one of the coolest parts was when jeter went out they move AROD to short and Sheffield to third….pretty cool…

  11. I wish I could have watched the All Star game this year but I was in el Salvador. I did happen to see reruns of the winter x games while there though go figure.

  12. tim hit it on the head!

    well actually I was there on a missions trip, its my third trip there this year. We work in villages and an orphanage doing open air evangelism, house visitation, bring hygiene and school supplies and play with kids. I love it there and will be bringing some more of my youth kids in december.

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