S&M Barbie?

Fishnet stockings? High heel boots? Leather?

What the heck is Barbie into these days? (And who knew Ken was the submissive type!?!)

A new Barbie, scheduled to be released in September, has some folks seeing red. The UK-based watchdog group Christian Voice has called the doll “filth” stating that, “Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far. A children’s doll in sexually suggestive clothing is irresponsible.”

But is this a case of Barbie being sexually suggestive? Or is the doll simply an homage to a popular comic book heroine?

“Black Canary Barbie” is a Barbie rendition of a DC Comic superhero of the same name. She’s been around since 1947 – including appearances as part of the popular Justice League series – and has always been wearing the same getup from day one: fishnet stockings, a leather jacket and high heel boots.

There have already been previous action figure renditions of the character, and putting her in any other costume would be like Superman without the tights.

So why all the fuss over a Barbie version of the character? Has Mattel taken things too far by dressing Barbie like a dominatrix? Or has Christian Voice singled out Barbie because she’s an easy target? (No pun intended.)


11 thoughts on “S&M Barbie?

  1. And which kids exactly are looking forward to Black Canary Barbie? Heck, I don’t even know who the ‘Black Canary’ is.

    It’s a specialty Barbie for adults and should be treated as such. Not sold at Walmart and the like, but sold mail order or in specialty stores.

    Five year olds don’t really care who the Black Canary is and the outfit is a bit tarty (hey, Wonder woman is dressed pretty tarty if you think about it) but that’s what being a parent is for, say no for goodness sake.

    Now the misogyny involved in the creation of female super heroes and their outfits, that’s another discussion for another time. Sigh.

  2. reason #457 i don’t want to have children.

    and i knew ken was the submissive type. he’s a metrosexual after all!

  3. Now the misogyny involved in the creation of female super heroes and their outfits, that’s another discussion for another time. Sigh.

    Dude, totally. What’s up with that? A whole lot of repressed male sexual frustration coming to the surface on the part of writers and illustrators methinks.

  4. LOL 😆 I was just at the salon getting my hair did and visiting with my friends and we were laughing about the idea of a crack whore barbi while I was getting hair extensions – how ghetto is that!?!?!

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