Buy my junk!

In preparing for the upcoming (pending) move we’re unloading a whole bunch of used music, DVDs and books. Check the “Buy My Junk” link regularly for updated item listings.

All proceeds benefit the Bertou Children’s Wii Fund (BCWF). Thanks for your support!


11 thoughts on “Buy my junk!

  1. You don’t have it worded to sell.

    “FUN and gently used items now available!”

    Tag Line: Passing along a few trinkets from our life while raising money for our kids!

  2. I suppose I could refer to George Pardington’s “Outline Studies in Christian Doctrine” as “FUN”, but I prefer to be honest. 😆

    23 crappy Christian CDs that I never listen to and 12 books I’ve either already read or weren’t worth my time.

  3. I didn’t even look at your stuff 😆 I just assumed you had FUN stuff. You don’t seem like a crappy Christian CD guy. and definitely not a doctrine dude. What the heck? 😆

    Hopefully you got the point I was making in my comment despite you becoming warped with all the crap you bought over the years!

    Your best bet is to have a bake sale or make hand-woven handy crafts. 🙂

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