$155 Million!

Alright, so we all knew The Dark Knight would clean up this weekend. But did anyone expect that?

Admittedly, I still haven’t seen it. Weekend plans didn’t allow it. But from what I’ve gathered from everyone I’ve talked to, the film would have been better titled Heath Ledger’s: The Joker.

So what did you think?

16 thoughts on “$155 Million!

  1. I had some problems with “Batman Begins.” I thought it was too long, and some of the origin story was just colossally uninteresting to me. But “Dark Knight,” while still way too long, was wildly entertaining, dark, and cool. The comic book meets real world vibe of the movie really works. Ledger is very good, but I’m not sure the hype would be half this loud were he still alive. If he wins the Oscar it will be a farce.

    But great movie!

  2. I hate that people say 2.5 hours is too long for a movie. I applaud Hollywood for giving us our money’s worth! We get way too many 80-90 minute movies thrown our way these days.

    I say 2.5 is just right!

  3. I disagree. Two hours tends to be my breaking point. I barely watch movies as it is due to the time investment required.

    That’s the main reason the LOTR films have acquired a half inch layer of dust from on my shelf. And those are movies I’ve seen, and admit are amazing. Yet every time I think about watching them again, I say to myself “is that really how I want to spend the next 3+ hours?” Then I convince myself that there are better things I could be doing with my time.

  4. I saw the really late showing of it here last night. It was awesome. Kinda long, but kept your attention the whole time.

    I’m going to go again on Wed. to see it with Ashley. Besides Ledgers death, the thing that makes the movie so interesting is that you go in thinking you have some idea of the joker character since we’ve seen it before. If Jack hadn’t already played the Joker I don’t think that Ledgers portrayal of the character would be nearly as amazing because we wouldn’t have anything for comparison.

    I think he’s deserving of an Oscar nom, but not sure it’s a performance that should win one.

  5. it’s stellar… and too long my ass… if you’re going to spend the ridiculous amount of money it takes to go to a show anymore, don’t you want it to be at least 2hours long??? “Begins” was the best portrayal of Batman’s beginnings… it was real. him against normal criminals (the mob, a crazy wealthy vigilanty and a drug-dealing psychotherapist) not comic book, but real wich is BM’s appeal for most of us. “DarkK” was in the same feel… not giving anything away, but the Joker isn’t some industrial accident like Jack’s portrayal and harvy dent isn’t a rediculous mass of pink makeup like TLJones… the idea of BM as an ideal instead of just a superhero is the heart of the film, not just HLdg’s acting… if you’re swallowed by his (albeit great) performance, you’ve missed the point of DK altogether which is too bad…
    Going to see it again soon… need to watch “begins” again…

    best part of the whole thing… KHolmes is gone 🙂
    and we don’t have to watch her pathetic acting

  6. Well obviously my two cents….
    I say it opening night at midnight…at one of the three local theaters….it sold out all 9 showings plus the 3 am showings…craziness
    But I thought it was awesome and creepy at the same time…
    I didn’t think it was too long it was a great movie and worth the 11 bucks….
    I am sorry but if you can’t handle 2 1/2 hrs then you might not deserve the great entertainment..and I think Heath should be considered for an oscar…there still is 4 months left in the year….

  7. BTW if you didn’t get it I thought is was the best movie of the summer and one of the best I have seen in a long time…
    Although my sister in law who thinks Garden state is a good movie, doesn’t share my opinion…but she works at google

  8. @Ryan C.: Don’t get me wrong. I’ll watch a longer movie if I feel it’s worth the investment, which absolutely is the case with Dark Knight. But movie lengths in general tend to keep me from watching more.

    Oh … and they’re getting $11 for movies in California these days? Oh my!

    @Adam: Welcome! The pastor to regular dude ratio here has just hit an all-time high! There are five in this thread of comments alone!

  9. Oh Yeah, and the previews – What the heck is Christian Bale doing in yet ANOTHER Terminator movie? Are you serious… just let it die already. Didn’t the flopping TV Terminator comeback attempt tell you anything?

  10. @Matty – Sarah Connor Chronicles didn’t flop. It was quite entertaining and was recently picked up for another season.

    And it’s quite possible that the new Terminator series can do to the Terminator franchise what Batman Begins and The Dark Knight did to the Batman franchise.

  11. ok. saw it. after hearing it’s the greatest thing ever made by several friends, i was let down. perhaps if i had seen it friday and not heard a peep i’d have come away w/ a different view. but even that friend whose youtube i linked – and is a graduate of usc film school – loved it and raved about it. ledger is very good, and i’d think that even if he were still alive, but i dunno…i was a bit disappointed, honestly.

    and the way christian bale does the batman voice is kind of annoying. i still vote keaton as my favorite!

  12. #1 – It was awesome.
    #2 – So totally not too long. It moves non-stop and you don’t even realize how long you’ve been sitting there.
    #3 – I was worried that because of all the hype it would be a let down for me as well…but it totally wasn’t.
    #4 – I hated Batman Begins and I’m not a huge fan of Christian Bale as Batman…but whatever.
    #5 – Is it just me or does Eric Roberts just get creepier and creepier all the time?

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