Coup de Paul?

You gotta admit, Ron Paul is one tenacious S.O.B.

After failing to get out of the starting gate in the race for the Republican nomination – despite amassing an impressive grassroots following – the old codger has decided to challenge the entire Republican party to a duel at ten paces.

Sort of.

It was announced this week that Paul has decided to move his “Rally for the Republic” to the 18,000 seat Target Center in Minneapolis. The event will take place from August 31st through September 2nd. For those paying attention, that’s right when the GOP Convention is taking place … ten miles across town.

While I don’t agree with his foreign policy (he gets an “F” on Darfur), I sure do like the cut of his jib!


11 thoughts on “Coup de Paul?

  1. the guy is a flat out libertarian. the only reason he’s a republican is to get elected (and re-elected) to office. he should have just put the whole GOP facade aside and run as a libertarian, instead of bob barr. consequently, that’s why he gets an F on darfur. the libertarian view is that of non-involvement with any foreign issue. which has its pro’s (no war in iraq) and it’s cons (no humanitarianism). but, i enjoy him as an agitator, especially since it’s the republicans he’s agitating.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if Paul and Barr combined will have a Nader effect on the Republicans in the fall.

    Frankly, I’d like to see Barr/Paul, McCain, Obama and Nader in the debates. At least in the beginning, and until the polling suggests otherwise. I’m all for bringing more parties into the discussion, if they have legit numbers.

    (Oh, and did you answer my question on Facebook?)

  3. i have not, i was just about to comment on your last post about how my facebook hasn’t really changed but the homepage is all screwy with a bunch of smily faces at the bottom and i can’t see any names. maybe it’s in the process of being changed 🙂 but yeah, by spaceman do you mean the movie from 1997? haven’t seen it.

  4. If you’re keeping score at home, here’s how grades the major candidates:

    John McCain: C
    Barack Obama: A

    (Nader and Barr currently do not serve in an elected position and as such are not graded by the site. If any of either candidate’s supporters could summarize their position, I’d be very interested… )

  5. here’s a letter nader wrote to W in 2006
    and here’s this one from pro-con
    i would say that nader opposes sending u.s. troops in on their own, without u.n. or international cooperation. and, it would be to serve as peacekeepers. that’s a given.

    and i don’t know barr’s stance, but i would imagine it’s one of non-involvement, as a libertarian.

  6. just waiting for what jim has to say, but at first glance i thought the guy was nuts, but when i listen to what he’s saying, really listen. it makes a ton of sense. and i really do believe if our country doesn’t head a little bit in the direction he talks about we are doomed. i know it sounds a little dramatic, but i think it’s true.

  7. what i like is that Ron Paul is actually trying to change the system even though it means he won’t be president…as opposed to changing so he can be president.

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