Registered yet?

With only 98 days left until the election it’s high time you register to vote if you haven’t already done so.

Not sure who to vote for? Why not spend some time getting to know the candidates?

Chuck Baldwin – Constitution Party
Bob Barr – Libertarian Party
John McCain – Republican Party
Cynthia McKinney – Green Party
Ralph Nader – Independent Candidate
Barack Obama – Democratic Party
Ron Paul – (???)

The only wasted vote is the one never cast.

17 thoughts on “Registered yet?

  1. Why isnt Barack Obama not opening up a huge lead on John McCain?

    All the factors point to a very large Obama win but its not materializing.

    I would really like you to come to

    and post why you think this lead isn’t coming to past. Can anyone explain this ? Give it a shot

  2. Psssst. Your bias is showing! 😆

    Let me toss your question back at you…

    How on earth is it possible that John McCain, with 26 years of being a household name in Washington and two Presidential bids under his belt, is trailing a first term Senator who has really only been in the national spotlight for 18 months?

    Besides, of course it’s a tight race. Have you paid any attention to the past two elections? The country is pretty darn near split right down the middle.

    And who pays attention to polls in July? Neither party has even officially named their candidate, there haven’t been any debates, etc.

    Remember how far ahead Hillary was in the polls when the race for the nomination started? It was double digits across the board!

    Talk to me in mid-October about polls. Better yet, talk to me in November about electoral votes.

  3. Also forgot to mention Shane asking another question isnt answering the first!

    In the business we call it dodging but you are used to that I am sure!!!!!

    Simple answer btw Shane is people still arent sure if they want a 1st term black senator from Illinois to be our commander in chief of the military. If this was about issues in just America and nothing to do with our security he would win 70-30 but the world is not that way right now.

  4. A professor I know recently posted a response to that question. Here was his response:

    We are still 99 days from an election that most people really don’t start paying attention to until after Labor Day.

    John McCain has had almost two decades to “seal the deal” and he’s trailing in almost every national poll. If anybody has failed to “seal the deal” it’s Senator McCain.

    Zeroing in on one national poll (Gallup) at odds with almost every poll taken up to this point is probably a bad idea. At least wait until the next national poll comes out tomorrow morning before declaring that Barack Obama’s momentum has stalled.

    More down-ballot candidates are actively seeking the support of Barack Obama in their own races than are seeking the support of either John McCain or George Bush. A few weeks ago, GOP Senate leaders told members to vote anyway they wanted on legislation if they thought it would mean winning reelection. That fact alone should indicate that the 2008 election is not going to be a squeaker.

    Barack Obama now has a sizable lead in Pennsylvania and in several other battleground states that should never be in play for an African-American with a funny name who is frequently identified as “most liberal in Congress.”

    Foreign policy, the single greatest advantage that Senator McCain has over Barack Obama, was neutralized somewhat by Obama’s trip to Europe and the Middle East and the fact that Senator McCain has all the subtlety of a hydrogen bomb when it comes to actual diplomacy. Telling the Russians that he wants them out of the G-8 has already alienated his administration from a nation we need to work with rather than against in the coming years.

    Every Electoral College projection map I can find shows that Obama may have already “sealed the deal” with respect to how many electors he’s going to need on November 4.

  5. so we wondered the other day, let’s say IF mcain’s tests come back that he has skin cancer again, what does the republican party do? interesting thought.

  6. If I didn’t answer the question directly, it’s because it’s a bogus question. As such it’s impossible to give a direct answer.

    The question assumes that there is some magical number out there somewhere, unknown by anyone, that Obama is “supposed” to be leading by. Can anyone tell me what Obama’s supposed to be leading by? According to who?

    The purpose of the question is to somehow imply that for some reason Obama is falling short of (someone’s) expectations by “only” having a single digit lead at this stage in the game. I swear, I’ve heard this question on Limbaugh and Hannity at least a dozen times this week alone. It’s a biased question.

    The question begins with a flawed premise, and doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

    The other part of it – which I alluded to – is that considering polls at this stage of the game is almost completely worthless.

    This report said that Obama’s 6% lead was “very respectful.” Yet, this one called Obama’s 5% lead “lackluster.” this one put the lead at 3% among registered voters. This one says Obama had “surged” to a 9 point lead. All of those reports came out yesterday.

    A couple of weeks ago Newsweek had Obama up 15.

    So Obama’s lead is 3-15% And it’s either “lackluster” “very respectful” or “surging.”

    So here’s my answer: Polls at this stage of the game are worthless.

    Now, in my opinion, Obama looks to be in fairly good shape at this stage in the game. Especially when you consider that Bush won the 2004 election by just 2.48% of the vote, and Gore got 0.51% more votes than Bush in 2000. And the example of Gore is yet another reason why all that really matters are the electorals.

    With an average margin of “victory” of 1.49% for the past two elections, for any candidate to be up by 5-9% before the conventions … I think they’d be happy with that.

  7. fun story. my ma was walking into the house the other day and saw my nader bumper sticker and laughed saying “tim’s home!”, then she did a double take and realized it said 2008 and was bewildered. you see, my affair began with ralph back in ’96 and she thought it was a sticker from then! oh ralph, don’t ever stop running 🙂

  8. yep, I will be a new voter this year… I have been under GW for my adult voting life, and had no interest in voting. Didn’t really see the point. As I’ve gotten older and own two businesses of my own, I’ve become more and more interested in politics because I have more of a vested interest. At this point I am working to gather my research for my own decision on this vote. It’s been a tough road since I live in the middle of conservative America and hear nothing positive about Obama at all in my area. Makes giving him a fair shake kinda difficult.

  9. I think you’ll find Paul on the ticket. I’ve seen no announcement to the contrary. I think he’s held on to his delegates so the libertarian wing of the GOP can voice their objection to McCain at the convention. Afterwards you may see him take a run at it as an independent.

    Or maybe Barr’s running mate?

    Regarding Nader… alot of people pin Gore’s 2000 loss on him. He got a respectable 2.7% of the vote that year, but I think his 0.38% in 2004 was his pennence for costing Gore the race. (Plus he didn’t have the Green Party’s support in 2004.)

    The problem with guys like Nader and Barr is that they represent the farthest polarity of either side. They’ll always struggle to appeal to the majority of the voting public because they make people far too uncomfortable.

    Perot did a heckuva job in 1996, getting almost 20% of the popular vote. But results like that are just so few and far between.

  10. nader didn’t cost gore a thing! c’mon dude, same old song & dance when gore didn’t even win his home state! it’s all about the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. even w/ nader’s 2.7% gore still won the popular vote. in florida, the state whose electorals ended up deciding the election, nader did not have a big enough impact to have the blame placed on him. other 3rd party candidates – such as pat buchanan with the reform party, howard phillips with the constitution party and harry browne with the libertarians – took away as many votes from W. as nader stated “In the year 2000, exit polls reported that 25% of my voters would have voted for Bush, 38% would have voted for Gore and the rest would not have voted at all.” and, apparently 250,000 registered dems in FL voted bush. not ralph’s fault one bit.

    but the best nader quote on the topic came from before the election: “Al Gore thinks we’re supposed to be helping him get elected. I’ve got news for Al Gore: If he can’t beat the bumbling Texas governor with that terrible record, he ought to go back to Tennessee.”

  11. in regard to the polarity thing, i don’t think the libertarians are “far right” at all. they are much more moderate, even dare i say “liberal”, in regard to social issues. they are fiscally more conservative, but otherwise the GOP and john mccain are much more to the right then bob barr and the libs. and i don’t think nader is a far left guy, either. and i’m saying this as a guy whose been on his side for 12 years! interesting video: “the conservative nader”

    i don’t think it’s about 3rd party and independents being “too discomforting”, i think it’s about the american people being duped and remaining chained to a 2 party system that is simply not possible of representing them adequately. this is the most diverse nation in history and we only get 2 choices?!?! c’mon! people have bought the “it’s wasting your vote”, “they can’t win”, “you have to vote republican/democrat” lines and it’s as simple as that.

  12. yes yes, it’s preached to me all the time. i have to vote republican, otherwise i’m handing the vote to: clinton, gore, kerry, and now obama. maybe i am, but i’d rather vote (or not vote) for someone i actually come close to lining up with and let the chips fall where they may than try to simply keep someone out of office.
    i mean, if the majority wants obama, he’ll win and we’ll reassess in four years. that’s the beauty of it.
    and what it really comes down to for me is that as a believer, you’re not going to change my faith. my testimony will remain even if you elect the most liberal, pro-abortion, pro-tax, muslim-lovin, gun-hatin, christian-killing person in history. i will still follow Christ and try to bring my family and others to follow him as well.
    go ron paul.

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