Blog Fodder: May-July

I’ve let my Blog Fodder folder get way out of hand. Time to purge…

Fujitsu’s wooden laptop: The case for this “environmentally friendly” laptop is made out of cedar wood. Its components are made of “bio-plastics.” Could this be the way of the future?

My new, new hero: Remember those kids who paid for their school lunches in pennies? They’ve got nothin’ on this college student who paid his tuition in change out of protest for the school’s no credit policy.

Mother “trains” 12-year-old daughter to be dominatrix: A mother and her boyfriend were indicted on charges that they trained the woman’s daughter to be a dominatrix, sold her services and even photographed some of the exploits.

Girl’s twin found insid her stomach: This story is just weird!

Dog the (racist) Bounty Hunter returns to air: In case you missed it, everyone’s favorite Jesus lovin’, n-word hatin’ bounty hunter is back on the air.

Mike Huckabee: Guitar Hero

Jewish groups angered by Presbyterians: The Presbyterians thought they were doing the right thing by issuing a statement against anti-Jewish bias. In the process, they managed to offend a whole bunch of Jews.

Rapture Ready: An outsider’s view of the Christian entertainment industry.

Judge overturns dad’s grounding: No joke. A Canadian judge ruled that a father had “no authority” to make his daughter skip the class trip as punishment for bad behavior.

More U.S. firms help workers adopt: A new trend among companies, providing “adoption benefits.” Thumbs up.

Budget Hero: So you think you’ve got what it takes to balance the federal budget? Finally, a video game for accountants!

R.I. school to begin microchiping students: Disciples of Tim LeHaye be forewarned!

McCain’s default on property taxes: For some reason I think a big stink would have been made if a certain Senator from Illinois and his wife failed to pay taxes on their property for four years. Call it a hunch.

Texas man allowed to murder immigrants: Some call it “Texas Law.” I call it a gross miscarriage of justice.

RELEVANT Magazine’s Q&A with Barack Obama: For the curious.

Look Kids, They’re Flogging Jesus!: As if the Holy Land Experience wasn’t already on my “never-to-do” list. Each and every day you can watch a reenactment of Christ’s crucifixion. Eat your heart out Disney parade!

Bubble Calendar: Greatest. Idea. Ever!

Caption This

The Holy Spirit slayed him, the church got the lawsuit: For the record, it is my opinion that being “slain in the spirit” is a crock. There, I said it.

Holocaust siblings reunited: A brother and sister who were separated by the Holocaust were recently reunited.

Stop Playing War Games with Iran: Sign the Sojourners petition.

Bush: “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter”: Egads, did he really say that?

The Purpose-Driven Campaign Appearance: Obama and McCain will make first joint appearance at… Saddleback Church?

Bush: “Birth control pills are abortion”: The poo hit the left’s fan when the Bush administration came out with a proposal to label birth control pills as “abortion.”

Prayin’ at the Pump: Groups assemble for prayer meetings, hoping to get some divine relief at the pump.


3 thoughts on “Blog Fodder: May-July

  1. Fujitsu’s wooden laptop…can we say steampunk?

    Enjoyed the Rapture Ready articles, partly because they led me to StuffChristiansLike blog comparing versions of the Bible with GI Joe characters. Had to link that one to dh.

  2. flogging reenactments aside. The Holy Land Experience actually has a pretty impressive library as and artifact collection. I had to go with my inlaws one weekend.

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