New U2 album “On the Horizon”

Band ho!

It appears as though the new U2 album, reportedly titled No Line on the Horizon, is scheduled for release on November 14th.

Not enough to hold you over? How about the newly released version of their first album Boy – complete with live tracks and unreleased rarities! You can listen in the Imeem player below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


5 thoughts on “New U2 album “On the Horizon”

  1. i think boy & october are very underrated. but, i’m also completely biased. i was talking with another u2-head about their future, and i kind of want this to be the end. i mean, i don’t want them to turn into the rolling stones, to be a joke. 60 year olds shouldn’t be trying to be rock stars (that means you pete townsend & roger daltrey, and how dare you call yourselves the who with keith moon AND jim’s cousin john entwistle, greatest rock & roll bassist ever, dead!??!). sorry, ranting. but yeah, i say that they should hang it up before they lose relevance. 30 years is one hell of a great run, no need to pull a jordan with the wizards move, right?

  2. I have to (shamefully) admit that for the most part I’m largely unfamiliar with U2’s early work. I came on board with The Joshua Tree and for whatever reason just went from there without paying much attention to their previous efforts.

    Hearing Boy makes me rethink this…

  3. seamus! you have to study both war & the unforgettable fire. easily my 2nd & 3rd favorites from them – yeah, more than achtung baby!

  4. I have a lot of respect for Bono and U2. All the same, nothing on this CD has grabbed me. It is my opinion that this isn’t close to being U2’s best and certainly pales in comparison to their last two albums.

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