The 2008 Olympics


6 thoughts on “The 2008 Olympics

  1. yeah, i’d love to know what church Bush will be attending while he is there. most of the ones i’ve heard about are forced underground.

  2. my boss and 8 student left yesterday for china to “express their cultural views” with people who would like to listen…cause unfortunately you can’t say the real thing they are going to do…

  3. i know i won’t watch a single second of the genocide olympics. makes you wonder where all the “principle” our nation had back in 1980 went?!?! a lot of focus media wise in regard to protesting, objecting, etc. has been on tibet and the human rights violations within china, without really talking about china being the sudan’s #1 supporter, as well as myanmar (burma). though, we’re in bed with pakistan & saudi arabia, so…

  4. How China was granted the games is beyond me. I mean, Tim went down the laundry list of why they’re a train wreck when it comes to human rights issues.

    Typically speaking, I do tune in to watch the Olympic games with moderate interest. But I have exactly zero interest in this year’s games. It’s a shame.

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