Meet the new Bob Marley.

I’m dedicating the entire week to my new favorite artist. Stay tuned.

Meet Emmanuel Jal.


7 thoughts on “Meet the new Bob Marley.

  1. damns! i’ve tried to pick up his albums at the record store but they haven’t had it when i’ve looked. i think i’ll order ’em off amazon or something. if he can do for awareness about the sudan and similar situations in africa what marley did for reggae and rastafarianism, then it’s certainly an exciting thing!

  2. Dude, they have it at Target? And it’s filed under Christian Rap?

    He talks about his faith, and drops tons of scripture and references to Jesus. So I have no problem with it being called “Christian.”

    But one song is called “Vagina.” And the chorus to another is “No ho’s, no bitches, no bling…”

    How’d that wind up in Christian Rap? 😆

  3. the label “christian” anything, in regard to entertainment, is a huge thorn in my side. i HATE it (mostly b/c the stuff labelled that is complete dreck)! with music it’s typically based on what label the artist is on, not on the beliefs of the artist. does anyone refer to cat stevens/yusef islam’s newer music as “muslim rock” or mos def as “muslim rap”? it’s so dumb. in my search for jal i checked hip hop, world, reggae…didn’t think of the lame “christian” section. but they didn’t have it anyways.

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