So it looks like the soap opera surrounding Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers may finally be coming to an end.

It’s a shame to see Favre’s tenure as the Packers’ quarterback end on such a disastrous note. How their relationship turned so sour, so fast, is beyond me. But in my opinion, if anyone should carry the bulk of the blame in this debacle, it’s Favre. The guy has flip flopped on his decision to retire more often than a politician during campaign season.

I’ve always been an admirer of Favre. But as far as I’m concerned, his legacy is officially tarnished.


7 thoughts on “Sayonara

  1. I don’t think Farve’s legacy is tarnished at this point. Michael Jordan’s long term legacy wasn’t tarnished by his stint with the White Sox or the Wizzards, no one remembers Joe Montana as anything but a 49’er, etc… Sure, it’s been the media frenzy for a while now, but once some closure is had, I don’t think this will be a big deal in Farve’s career 2, 5, 10 years from now. He’ll still always be a Packer, he’ll be inducted in a Pack jersey, and that will be his legacy.

    I think Farve’s really worn his emotion on his sleeve in this one and he’s made some bad choices in how to handle things. I think the Packers really duped him back in March by forcing a retirement statement when he wasn’t ready to do so. They in many ways set this whole thing in motion then. I think they could have saved themselves a lot of PR nightmare by granting his release and being done with this.

    In the end, if Farve ends up somewhere else, I’ll still cheer for him this season, and I’m still excited to see what Rodgers is capable of in GB.

  2. this has been sooooooo ridiculous. totally squandered the legacy of hero he had with all of wisconsin, and for what? one more season with a sub-par team? it’s true, jordan’s foolish return isn’t remembered that much, and most people don’t even realize that johnny unitas didn’t end his career with the colts or bobby orr with the bruins. but still…it’s dumb, imho.

    but what really irritates me is that the vikings were all over this, and chicago did nothing! HELLO! is anyone that works for the bears mentally stable?!?! the whole qb dilemma with them, and their unwillingness to do anything about it makes me not want to even pay attention this season. i tell ya, shane, between my bears being a bunch of dummies, the pats and the whole spygate thing, and notre dame being just awful, i don’t think i care much about football anymore 😦

  3. There’s one colossal difference between the situation with Favre and the examples of Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, etc. Neither of those great players dragged their teams through anything like this; dividing fans, going back on their word, being a distraction, etc.

    Montana, Jordan, Orr, Mays, Unitas – all those players still wanted to play and moved on to a different situation without being a hindrance. Favre’s been throwing a hissy fit like a three year old in a supermarket.

    I think the Packers really duped him back in March by forcing a retirement statement when he wasn’t ready to do so.

    They didn’t force squat. I don’t buy that crap at all.

    Favre has been playing the “maybe I will, maybe I won’t” game for the past three seasons. He gave every indication throughout last season that it was his last hoorah. The Packers needed to know where they stood and gave him three months to mull it over and give them his final answer. Which they thought he did. Then they moved on, adjusting their offense and draft strategy, in preparation for life without Favre.

    I put 90% of the blame on Favre’s shoulders. Why should the Packers release him? If he wants to be reinstated, they have his rights. Why should they get nothing for him? Or worse yet, have him go to the Vikings?

  4. my favorite is the the unrentless coverage by ESPN and then the commentators on ESPN saying how they hate the continual coverage… least OJ killed (allegedly) someone to get this type of coverage

  5. I’m with Shane on this one.

    I’m from WI and believe me, folks around here looooovvve Favre, but it’s pretty widely noted that Favre did this to himself. He’s been known to cycle back and forth every year.

    This year he waited too long before cycling back. Even a month or less before he announced that he wanted to come back the Packers were asking him again if he wanted back in. He said no. Even when he announced he’d come back they offered to take him on but not at his usual spot.

    There has to be a point where the Packers go on with their plans. It was time for a break.

    Unfortunately Favre decided it wasn’t going to be a clean one.

  6. man, i must live on a different planet opinion-wise.

    the packers FORCED favre to make a decision in march. there isn’t anything to “buy”…they pressured him to say YES or NO by march.

    he changed his mind. which was almost entirely predictable. when you’re forced to decide anything, second guessing is going to be a big factor. and favre clearly has a tendency to second guess…so why force him?

    regardless, if one of the greatest QB’s of ALL time decides he still wants to play…and he’s a living legend…and he’s as popular as God in your state…and he just came off an absolutely fantastic season…and almost led your team to the superbowl…and you have a young team that will still benefit from his experience…and the backup QB is totally unproven, your only response should be:

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