Don’t mess with an Osteen!

Don’t mess with an Osteen. That’s the lesson for one Continental Airlines flight attendant who was allegedly assaulted by Victoria Osteen on a flight in 2005.

In a civil lawsuit that is now set to go to before a jury, Sharon Brown claims that Victoria – wife of mega pastor Joel Osteen – became enraged over a stain on her first-class seat and subsequently “threw her against a bathroom door and elbowed her in the left breast.” Osteen was fined $3,000 by the Federal Aviation Administration for “interfering with a crew member.”

Brown is seeking an apology from Osteen and punitive damages amounting to 10% of Victoria Osteen’s net worth, which last time anyone checked was estimated at roughly seventy bajillion dollars.

Yeah, the lawsuit is frivolous. But something must have happened if the Feds went so far as to fine Osteen.

Hopefully Victoria will bring a book on her next flight.


41 thoughts on “Don’t mess with an Osteen!

  1. The few times I’ve flown 1st class I haven’t been too concerned with anything as trivial like a stain on my seat. However, when Continental set my suitcase on fire that was another matter all together. Apparently, there luggage policy doesn’t cover damage to the handles, wheels, outside of a bag or the contents of the bag. According to the letter we got from Continental setting a bag on fire is considered “normal wear and tear”.

  2. We have visited Lakewood and it’s a great family business they have made for themselves. I’ve wondered if she beats her husband?

    Trophy wife…what contest in hell?

  3. This kind of thing always pisses me off. The “trophy wife” Yikes, I don’t find her a trophy, but anyways, she has no right to treat people poorly, but for this woman to sue her for 10% of her net worth because of a elbow to the boob, (which apparently causes hemmoroids?!) just makes her look selfish, and stupid. I hope she looses and then goes broke from court costs and lawyers fees because of her greed.

  4. I don’t really take any monetary amount in a lawsuit very seriously. Everyone, including the plaintiff, knows they won’t get anything near that much. It’s just a game they play. Put it as high as you possibly can, but not so high that the judge tosses it out. Then settle for a zillionth of what you were suing for.

  5. Yes, it is about being humble servants of God. Sometimes people do have higher expectations from Christians. But Christians are human too. Sometimes people are put to the test. And even Christians judge other Christians saying who she thinks she is.

    I think it happened this way. Victoria, in righteous anger (most times Christians do have principals and wonder why other people don’t follow them) saying “I paid for first class seat and expect first class service. This is unacceptable. I need another seat. Or can’t anybody wiped this off.” Airline Stewardess says “not at the moment. We will do the best we can.” During and towards the end of the boarding process, airline stewardess are at one of their busiest addressing everyone’s concerns. So, Victoria could wait. To Victoria, that’s a lack of concern and bad customer service. So, her next option, speak to the head which in this case is the pilot. That is a no no. Cockpit off limits. Airline stewardess doing her job. Victoria on the other hand determined to be heard. No intentions of being mean against the stewardess or harming anyone in anyway, just highly upset. So, in the eyes of the airline stewardess, also a Christian, in righteous judgement, getting even.

    In eyes of both Christians, maybe both need apologising and forgiving each other. Jesus didn’t expect disciples to bicker against each other or the gospel would be hampered. Righteous judgement for many seems to break the role of humbleness.

  6. You’ll have to excuse me if I’m just a little slow to label getting so pissed about a stain on a seat that you (allegedly) assault an airline stewardess “righteous” anything.

    I wasn’t there. I don’t know.

    But I do know two things:

    A) Something significant happened, prompting the Feds to fine her $3,000.

    B) We need surveillance cameras on commercial aircraft.

    That, and it seems unlikely we’ve got an unbiased jury here as several have admitted to being “star struck” by Osteen’s presence and holding the pastor in “high regard.”

  7. While I don’t think Victoria acted appropriately, I think the flight attendant is taking this a bit far. If she wants to say a prayer for Victoria to have more patience, that would be appropriate. However, to require counseling and to complain of wavering faith and chronic hemorrhoids as results of such a minor incident is ridiculous. Victoria was fined $3,000 which I’m sure she has paid. That and the fact that all of this has put a smudge on their names is punishment enough. I’m sure we’ve all done something we regret, and I’m sure she truly regrets what she did. I don’t know if she has already done so or not, but a public apology for her actions would be a great start to helping others see her as human & humbled by this whole experience.

    God bless!!! 🙂

  8. the osteen’s are scary people…i won’t give you my thoughts on their beliefs and their God name cha-ching…
    but if they were smart (which they aren’t) they would have settled out of court…

  9. Based on my extensive experience with female flight attendants, sometimes they get a little power crazy, and delay taking actions if they feel intimidated by a passenger. Joel Osteen and his wife are Christians as well as human. Give them a break for God’s sake.

  10. Legit attorney

    “Joel Osteen and his wife are Christians as well as human.”

    as are female, flight attendants.

    Q. How can someone “get a little power crazy”, yet “delay taking actions if they feel intimidated”?

  11. I will pray for these people, not for the Olsteens but for those poor people who have given them their hard earned and needed money with the hopes that it would get them closer to God. Do you folks know how much flying first class costs? How about how much Victoria’s botox costs? It is awful to think that people that struggle with living day to day give money to them out of “faith” The Osteens are con artists.

  12. The only problem with this whole situation is what happened on September 11, 2001. It has made people paranoid about flying and even the flight attendants because they have to protect themselves, the passengers and the airplane. I disagree with Ms. Brown bringing suit against Mrs. Osteen, but if there was a problem with the seat, it could have been handled in a more professional way by the Continental flight crew. It is their job to take care of the passengers. If I were the Osteens, I would not take Continental Airlines again. There are other airlines that treat people better as passengers and that is why I don’t take Continental.

  13. Oh

    Be careful what you post people!

    Here is a comment I made on another blog 1/07 when we were visiting Lakewood and became awestruck. Our perspective changed after going a few times. Anyways, here is my comment 😳

    re: Plane speaking I have read some pretty self righteous posts. Let me get this right. Some folks are not going to watch Joel any longer because his wife is human?? Good bye Dr Phil & Oprah and anyone else that lives and breaths. And who really knows what truly happened??!?!? Were any of you guys there?!?!?! Maybe the flight attendant was having a bad day? There is something called spiritual warfare….

    Maybe Victoria feels like her character was attacked. Then she gets a bunch of loving christians who seem to delight in other peoples shortcomings and who are ready to cast stones and expect her to apologize. Maybe she was the one that was wronged? NAH, Human nature doesn’t tend to jive with that scenario does it? Dirt on the preachers’ wife, my sin nature like that…

    Selena Parsley 1/17/2007 12:11 AM | Selena

  14. something must have happened…but we’re not sure what that is, exactly. i think there’s a scripture in titus that says: “do not recieve an accusation against an elder, except by two or three witnesses”
    now, theologcially, if you take issue with calling vicky an elder, i totally understand. however, i’m almost positive that scripture was written due to the fact that humans love gossip, especially when leaders are at the heart of it, and are prone to believe/spread it without verification.
    surely mrs. osteen, with 80 gazillion viewers a week, could at least be considered a “leader”, right?
    with that in mind, i’d like to hear the whole story…because my flesh absolutely JUMPED at the chance to smear her over this; which really bothered me.

  15. Fair enough. Sort of.

    But apart from my lighthearted recommended reading jab (well, and the silly headline and image. Alright, I surrender), I really didn’t say anything one way or another about the incident. I just reported the “facts,” from the AP report. I don’t care one way about it, I just think it’s a funny story. The ridiculously elitist nature of the alleged attack and the obscene frivolousness of the lawsuit.

    But there are multiple witnesses set to testify. Can I receive the accusation now? 😆

    I also wonder how many sexual abuse cases that Scripture has kept unheard. (Random thought.)

  16. My favorite thing this week was when someone I was talking to questioned the plaintiff’s faith because “believers don’t sue other believers.”

    So flipping out on, and (allegedly) assaulting another believer … totally cool. But suing a believer because they went postal on you and (allgedly) caused you long term health damage will cost you your salvation. 😆

    There is a weird disparity going on here that’s interesting to me. People seem pretty quick to write the entire incident off and give Victoria Osteen the benefit of the doubt. But in so doing, they’re basically labeling the plaintiff a liar. Which is also basically an unfair rush to judgment … right? What if she’s telling the truth, and after her day in court she is vindicated? Haven’t those who dismissed her testimony in effect slandered her character?

  17. As we continued visiting Lakewood V. Osteen said something that really rubbed me the wrong way and it made me wonder if the accusations were true.

    She came from money. Her parents owned a jewelry store in Houston and that’s where she met Joel. She made a comment along the lines of, “My parents took really good care of me…then when I married Joel, it was hard for us when we started out.” Now, that’s not word for word, but that’s what was implied. I sat there and heard that myself. That turned me off. She streaked her own character IMO when she did that. I know she’s human, we all are, but she seems fake – not HAIR EXTENSION fake 😯 just fake, not being “real” emotionally or relating to people.

    The people I can most relate to are people that broadcast their shortcomings and are honest about their struggles and despite the mess, work it out. Covering it up and being fake irritates me.

  18. But there are multiple witnesses set to testify. Can I receive the accusation now?

    ha ha!
    well, i guess we should actually wait untill they testify, right?

    here’s my problem:

    1. we seem to WANT her to be guilty.
    2. we already assume that she’s an elitist and did these things because of that fact.
    3. the whole point, as far as i can tell, about not suing the brethern revolves around our tesimony to those “outside” the faith. So, if vicky beat the girl up, then they should figure out how to deal with it themselves as fellow chrsitians. if they can’t, then they’re supposed to take it to the “Church” a la matthew 18 and resolve it.
    4. i know #3 will never happen in our american version of church. but that IS the scriptural way to do it.

    regardless…i feel bad that my initial reaction was so harsh (i didn’t post anything harsh)…so i’m trying to make myself feel better.

  19. Selena,

    We flew Continental from Florida to DFW. When we got our bags at DFW they smelled funny. Our friend who picked us up noticed that smoke was coming from my bag. The nylon straps were melted and the bag smelled like smoke. The airlines claimed they that it was due to normal where and tear. The official ruling was I had caused it to happen. Yep, I guess I lit my bag on fire before I checked it and no one at the airport noticed it.


  20. well, that actually IS normal wear and tear…assuming that you accept that for continental, dragging your luggage across the tarmack is normal and possibly encouraged.

  21. Stem,

    LOL. Actually the guy standing in line in front of us had a metal suitcase that looked like it had been run over by a plane. Would like to know how my bag got set on fire? I mean what did it run in to a gang of rouge luggage that attacked it or what?

  22. Since the victim is a person of color I hope I do not hear Joel or Victoria Osteen say alot of my members are people of color and we have best friends of color. Not so many years ago black folks were not allowed to attend or be in a leadership position in a white church. And when many white churches allowed black people to attended they had to sit in the balcony or stand. I hope not to many feel sorry for the millionaires and possibly billionaires Joel and Victoria Osteen.

  23. From the article:
    Victoria Osteen, the co-pastor of Houston’s popular Lakewood Church, testified no such incident took place, as did her husband and other first-class passengers. Victoria Osteen’s lawyer dismissed Brown’s lawsuit as a made-up story concocted to land a courtroom payday.

    And now, with other members of the first class section testifying that she did not, in fact, do anything to the stewardess, will we lament our rush to judgement?

  24. you’ll only be exonerated if you post a photo of rob bell or obama with an equally wacked out expression with an equally funny caption.

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