Over the Rhine: Live from Nowhere – Volume Three

I was pleasantly surprised to come home and find that the latest installment of Over the Rhine’s Live from Nowhere series had arrived in the mail. I was also surprised to find that my wife – for whatever reason – hadn’t bothered to open it.

But I was even more surprised to find a little piece of cardstock included with the CD that read:

Thanks for pre-ordering Live from Nowhere Volume Three. We wanted to include a little something special for you.

This ticket is good for free admission for you and a friend to a special gathering and acoustic performance featuring Over the Rhine at St. Elizabeth’s in Norwood, Ohio, (Cincinatti), at 3PM on Sunday, December 21st, 2008.

We’ll provide the wine, the OtR blend coffee, the refreshments and the music, you provide the comraderie. Hope to see you!

Just another reason why they’ve earned, and kept, my loyalty as a fan for over a decade.

I’ve posted a couple faves from the release in my Muxtape. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Over the Rhine: Live from Nowhere – Volume Three

  1. Hey. The kid was born (and probably conceived) to their music. I would’ve thought it would have been a little higher on her priority list. 😆

    To her credit, unless she knew the CD was being shipped from North Carolina there’s no way she could have really known what was inside.

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