Miaoke Vanilli

Remember that too-cute-to-be-true youngling that sang “Hymn to the Motherland” during the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics on Friday night? The one who became an overnight sensation, giving interviews on all the talk shows the next day?

Total fraud.

The show’s musical designer, Chen Qigang, has admitted that Lin Miaoke lip-synched the words to the tune over a recording done by another more talented, albeit less attractive, little girl named Yang Peiyi.

Chinese authorities pressured the show’s organizers to make the change at the last moment because Yang Peiyi’s buck teeth made her an “unsuitable” to represent Chinese culture to a worldwide audience. Chen told reporters that it was a matter of “national interest” to kick Yang Peiyi to the curb in favor of a child that was “flawless in image.”

But I guess things could be worse for little Yang Peiyi. I mean, yeah it sucks to be officially declared “homely” by your government. But at least they didn’t force her parents to abort her. This time.


10 thoughts on “Miaoke Vanilli

  1. we were talking about that at trivia an hour ago. craziness. but, comparatively speaking, absolutely nothing compared to what that regime does daily.

  2. so sad, but i think it is a picture of a culture that cares supremely about the cover (as in of the book) no matter what the cost. it is sad that we are celebrating china with a government like this. i mean hello russia?

  3. I find it a bit ironic that Americans are talking about image in this way. We need to face the fact that we fell all over this little girl because she was so physically appealing on top of the voice talent.

    I seriously doubt the other girl would have gotten the press this one did, despite her talent. Entertainment is so reliant on image in our society.

  4. I made the point to my wife yesterday that it is a bit hypocritical for us to be critical of China for this.

    We would have done the same thing, just through different means. In the casting process, we would have just eliminated unattractive children right off the bat. Our government wouldn’t have forced the move, but our mindset and process would have produced a similar result.

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