“The Boss” to rock the Super Bowl?

It’s being reported that Bruce Springsteen is slated to perform the halftime show during the Super Bowl in February. Which would of course be both awesome, and the biggest no brainer move of all time.

He’s an icon, his performances are electric and he’s the very definition of Americana. I can’t think of a more perfect choice!

Anyone want to take a stab at predicting the setlist? I think they typically perform four songs. I’m sure Born in the U.S.A and Born to Run are obvious choices. Any guesses on what Springsteen classics will round out the set?


8 thoughts on ““The Boss” to rock the Super Bowl?

  1. Do you have Devils and Dust? It’s downright fantastic. “Jesus Was an Only Son” is haunting.

    Jesus was an only son
    As he walked up Calvary Hill
    His mother Mary walking beside him
    In the path where his blood spilled
    Jesus was an only son
    In the hills of Nazareth
    As he lay reading the Psalms of David
    At his mother’s feet

    A mother prays, “Sleep tight, my child, sleep well
    For I’ll be at your side
    That no shadow, no darkness, no tolling bell,
    Shall pierce your dreams this night.”

    In the garden at Gethsemane
    He prayed for the life he’d never live,
    He beseeched his Heavenly Father to remove
    The cup of death from his lips

    Now there’s a loss that can never be replaced,
    A destination that can never be reached,
    A light you’ll never find in another’s face,
    A sea whose distance cannot be breached

    Well Jesus kissed his mother’s hands
    Whispered, “Mother, still your tears,
    For remember the soul of the universe
    Willed a world and it appeared.”

  2. i don’t think tom joad will make the cut, jimmy 🙂

    this will be the 2nd best halftime show of the past…well, as far as i can remember (i never used to watch them as a kid). u2 can’t be topped. it was just too poignant with 9/11 and all. plus, they’re the greatest thing ever, so there you go. can’t wait for the boss, though.

    my guess is he’ll do 3 songs – i’d love more – and they’ll be born to run, rosalita and the single off magic. (i’m just wishing for rosalita, but it’s possible).

  3. 10th ave & born to run were great, i figured glory days would make the cut, too. and giving a taste of the forthcoming album with “working on a dream” was cool. a fellow nyack grad did not think so, mocking the boss (how dare anyone mock THE BOSS!). i no name names 🙂

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